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Pass or Fail?

In this episode, we discuss The Testing trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau. Have you read it? Cia Vale leaves her small community to go to University in the capital, but passing and failing isn't just about making the grade, it's about life and death!

We also talk about some other stuff, including special guest hosts! Do you have any interest in that? If you do, let us know! Tell us your favorite YA book and maybe we'll drag you in, kicking and screaming... I mean... politely invite you on the show to discuss it!

We also talked about Bumbersnoot. Remember Bumbersnoot from our Finishing School episode? Well, I'm lucky enough to get to go to an event with Miss Gail Carriger and so, because of course I would, I've made a Bumbersnoot to wear as a reticule to the event. I'll be sure to take lots of photos if I'm able.

Coming soon, we're going to be discussing Divergent by Veronica Roth, but only the first one! And the movie, too! We're also going to talk about a standalone book released last year called Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. That one has Vikings! Also coming up in the next month or so, we're going to visit our friends in the town of Forks, Washington... which I might actually have to do, even though the movie was filmed in Oregon... but not the ones you think! You know and love Edward and Bella (read that however sarcastically you need to) but what about Edythe and Beau?

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