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In our latest episode, we're back to Vampire Academy and Bloodlines and talking about the second book in that spinoff series, The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead. We're also celebrating Claire's birthday! Look at us and our little matching party hats!

We spent a lot of time talking about poorly photocopied pamphlets this time, because we're definitely sure that the Warriors of Light don't have good graphic design or printing skills. But who are the Warriors of Light? What am I even talking about?

In this book, Sydney is still protecting Jill Mastrano from being found by the Moroi who want to end Queen Lissa's reign, but she's also protecting the other Moroi with her little "family," namely Adrian and Sonya, from a group who call themselves Warriors of Light. They're like the Alchemists, you know, they don't really love vampires all that much, but unlike the Alchemists, they go out killing them, vigilante style. What's worse, they think that Sonya is still one of the evil undead vampires and they want to decapitate her. Much like any creepy cult, they have pamphlets to share with potential members, and we're pretty sure they look awful. It's weird for Sydney though, protecting the vampires, because she's really not supposed to care for them at all but she DEFINITELY is starting to! She's also not supposed to like using magic, but everyone is pretty sure she's into that, too. WHAT KIND OF ALCHEMIST IS SHE? A sacrilegious one apparently.

Read the full summary here and be sure to listen to this episode! It's pretty great. I'm not just saying that. OR AM I?!


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