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Open the Door and Cross the Threshold

In this episode of the show, Claire and I discuss The Ten Thousand Doors of January by debut author Alix E. Harrow and narrated by our favorite January LaVoy. She won the Audie Award for this one, did you know? She's pretty great.

We both liked this one as we read it, but honestly that's probably mostly because of January LaVoy. The more we dove into it, the more we picked it apart and the less we liked it. NOTE! We did enjoy it, we really did, it was an enjoyable read for sure, but maybe just a one time, don't focus too much on it sort of read.

So about this book... It's a portal fantasy, aren't those fun? When January Scaller is young, she finds a Door, yes a Door with a capital D, in the middle of a field that takes her to a beautiful sea-side town, but when she goes to visit it again, it is destroyed. Later on in her life, she finds a book called The Ten Thousand Doors that explains the mystery of these capital D Doors and some of the mysteries of herself, too.

See? So it's a good book. Don't you want to read it?

Here's our recording picture this week:

So I'm a little blurry, but I can never sit still...

Be sure to open all Doors you find,


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