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One of Us Is an Actual Lizard with a Banana

Okay, that's not true. Neither of us is an Actual Lizard. We might both have a banana though... but that's unimportant. What is important is that we absolutely loved the book we're discussing in this week's episode, One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

This book is The Breakfast Club... WITH MURDER and it's pretty much perfect in every way. Five students are sent to detention but only four come out alive. Which one of them is the killer? Is it Bronwyn, the Ivy League bound geek, Cooper, the baseball playing jock, Addy, the romantic princess or Nate, the drug dealing criminal? They all have a secret to protect that Simon, the gossip, was planning to share, but someone got to him first. Were any of their secrets worth killing a classmate over though? Yikes! Those must be some MAJOR SECRETS. And speaking of secrets, what's with the title of this post? Why, that's in reference to our favorite parts of the book. You'd better read this book, or listen to the audiobook because it's fantastic with a voice actor for each main character, and then listen to our episode about it because it goes into lots of detail. I really, really don't want to spoil anything about it here, not even the silliness that is in the post title. It's too good!

Here's a recording picture in which Claire and I are talking about theories we had whilst reading the book. Neither of us figured everything out before finishing, by the way...

Aren't those some great pictures? Did you know that you can now watch our recording videos if you become a Bonus! tier member on Patreon? Bonus! members get access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group and some behind the scenes action. All our Patreon members get something special, so you should check it out and join today!

Be sure to read or listen to the book, listen to our episode, and tell us what you think. Did you solve the mystery before us? If you are interested in joining a book club discussion of the book with other readers such as yourselves and us of course, please visit our Fictional Hangover Book Club page for more details. So many fun things are happening!

Until next time!


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