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Not in the Tubular 80s Way

In this week's episode, we talk about sliding in the plugging, unlife lessons, all terror all the time, all signs point to vampire, and finally, a majestic eagle noise in our discussion of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. We decided to cover this one because we've started a new monthly theme, Censor This!, with the challenge to read a book that has been banned or a book containing "controversial" subject matter (insert eye roll here).

Book banning is pretty rampant nowadays, thanks to the radical (not in the tubular 80s way) right, but we at Fictional Hangover believe in the freedom to read statement and the five laws of library science, two of which we spout out at every opportunity (every book its reader, every reader their book). We hope our listeners believe as we do! This one has been banned because of "violent imagery," which... I mean... the main character's family is murdered in the first chapter, but the book is more about Bod's life growing up in the graveyard and discovering new family and friends. Then there's the revenge against the people that harmed him, bit, but it's all key to the story and it wouldn't be nearly as good without all that stuff. Read our summary, check out our episode and read the book for all the details. Actually, listen to this one if that's your thing. It's narrated by the author and is completely amazing.

What banned or challenged books are you going to read this month? Let us know!

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