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Necromancers, Sexy Bigfoots and Keanu Reeves

What a title, huh? Well, there are even more wonderful things in Necromancing the Stone by Lish McBride, the book we discussed on the podcast this week.

This book picks up shortly after the first one ended (to catch up, read the summary or listen to the episode) and Sam is happy and living a Douglas-the bad-guy-from-the-first-book-free life... or is he? Things get bad when someone in Sam's family is threatened and someone on the supernatural council gets murdered by what seriously has to be a necromancer. Lots of people think Sam is responsible, but really, he's the nicest guy ever, so it can't be him. But who is it? And... is that Keanu Reeves walking around? What's he doing here and why does he have the aura of someone who has died and been reanimated... by Douglas? Oh no. Perhaps Douglas is not dead after all. With the help of Sexy Bigfoots (really, they're very sexy) and a chupacabra, maybe Sam can save the day again. Check out the episode for all the details, or read the summary here.

We were lucky enough to be joined by the author again for another chat about her awesome book and about a bunch of really weird things, so you know what that means... BONUS EPISODE! Give it a listen, too. Here's a recording picture wherein we're pondering answers to our game of Would You Rather.

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