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Moxie Girls Fight Back!

Whoa! Everyone should go read Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu right now. Or at least watch the movie (which you can do with us on Saturday). Or listen to our episode. Or read our summary. Or all of those things. This book was SO REFRESHING. There was girl power and good music and ACTUAL CONVERSTIONS BETWEEN CHARACTERS. I can't believe it. There was also a group of football bros that get whatever they want and adults that don't listen, but they got their comeuppance in the end and everything was more or less fine or better than before.

In Moxie, Vivian is inspired by her mother's Riot Grrrl days and secretly starts a revolution in her high school. She's fed up with the harassment of the football team that can do no wrong and the dress code discrimination from the principals and so much more. She really started the whole thing because she was frustrated with girls being told to make me a sandwich by the principal's football star son, but it turns out there were so many other things wrong in her school. Vivian makes and distributes a zine called Moxie and soon, most of the girls start to fight back.

We were also inspired by Viv's mom's Riot Grrrl days, so we dressed up!

How are you going to start a revolution?


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