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Move Sh*t Or Murdersome Pizza

In this episode of the show, we talk about The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind by Jackson Ford. He joins us for Would You Rather, too, which is awesome, and you know what happens when authors join us, right? They get a bonus episode!

Were you one of the people wondering who this mysterious author was? We were, too, until last week. Until April 20th I believe, the only info you could find about Jackson Ford was that Jackson Ford is a pseudonym for a critically acclaimed science fiction author. Seriously. No one know who he was, or even if he was indeed a he. But then all was revealed! And we got a new follower on Instagram! And that follower liked our WYR post about The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind. And that follower left a comment about the pseudonym no longer being a mystery if we hadn't recorded our episode yet. And that follower was @realjacksonford. AKA Jackson Ford. AKA Rob Boffard, a critically acclaimed science fiction author. HEY! A message was sent then, asking if he wanted to join us for WYR. And he did!

These are such fun episodes, especially the bonus one. Jackson might look like a cool guy but he's a giant nerd. Hilarious, but so dorky, which is perfect for us because we are, too! We talked about a lot of stuff, we rapped part of Bombs Over Baghdad by OutKast, we planned murdering people with pizza, we even talked cosplay and comic cons. SO GOOD!

The book discussion episode is so good, too. We came up with more shirt designs, one that costs $10000, but you should totally buy it whenever it shows up in the shop (don't forget about the shop, by the way), we developed the plans for a new candy bar, which someone should totally make, and we even discussed the book! In this one, Teagan Frost uses her psychokinesis to, as the title might suggest, move shit with her mind. As the only person with psychokinesis in the world, she works for the government doing super secret covert operations, but then, someone is murdered in a way that only a person with psychokinesis could manage. But Teagan definitely didn't do it. So who did? She's got to figure it out... or else. And she only has 22 hours to do it. Sounds really great, right? Add in so much sarcasm and tons of cuss words and you've got a bestseller.

Here's a recording picture of us when we were talking to Jackson Ford. I think this was during the part of the show when we were talking about him signing his own books in the airport. It's hard to say for sure though.

Until next time,


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