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More House of Night, Y'all

We continue our discussion of the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast in this episode of the show. We've hit the halfway point now, y'all, and things are a changin'. This time we're talking books 4, 5 and 6, Untamed, Hunted and Tempted.

We talk a lot about Zoey Redbird and her fledgling vampyre abilities, her numerous boyfriends, her bffs and her enemies. Sometimes it might seem like we're a little harsh on this series, but really, we enjoy it. We really really do. We also like mud maidens and bird boys. And having affinities for the elements. And seeing an immortal resurface after 1000 years buried in the earth. We also talk a bit about the traditional vampire and whether we'd rather be a blue vampyre or a red vampyre and the difference between the two.

Here's a recording picture that we took and then cobbled together. We heart each other so much that we made heart hands together, even though we're 4500 miles apart.

Yes, I'm wearing a Beetlejuice shirt.

Until next time,


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