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More Face Tattoos and the End of Season Three

WHAT?! The END of season three?! Yes! Can you believe your FAVORITE podcast has been around for three full years? That's a lot of episodes... 157 episodes so far to be exact! THAT'S A LOT! Our most recent episode is all about The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead.

There's not much more to say about this one other than 🎶ADRIAN!🎶 and don't tattoo your face with gold or indigo. Really, don't tattoo your face at all. The Indigo Spell continues the story of rigid Alchemist Sydney who is not so rigid or much of an Alchemist anymore. Now she's making out with Moroi and using magic willy-nilly. She's basically a rule-breaking, vampire-kissing witch, but in the best way possible. Read our summary, read the book or listen to our episode for too many juicy details. Speaking of juicy details, here's our recording picture for this week!

And here's a video of clips from each episode this season!


So much love!


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