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Mina and the Cult

Mina and the Cult by Amy McCaw

the book Mina and the Cult on top of old-looking newspapers with fake headlines about vampires, aliens and cheese

Mina, her vampire boyfriend Jared, her older sister Libby, and Libby’s girlfriend and vampire hunter Della have been traveling a long time from New Orleans, Louisiana, to New Mexico. When the dust finally settled in the Big Easy after defeating an evil vampire and stopping an uprising, they decided it was time to follow the message Mina and Libby’s mom left and go and see their dad who abandoned the family and returned to New Mexico when Mina was only eight. Libby is his staunch defender, but all Mina remembers is that her father is a bit weird and unreliable. Weird is certainly true, they’ve reached his compound that looks like something from a horror movie with old rusted cars everywhere and miles of uninterrupted barbed wire fence. When they find a gap and pull into the compound, security cameras clock them and they see a truck racing toward them.

The truck stops and a man around Libby’s age steps out. He’s got a strong Southern accent and the butt of a gun clearly displayed beneath his shirt. He introduces himself as Chase and checks if they are The Shepherd’s kids. Yes? Mina and Libby’s last name is Shepherd, but The Shepherd sounds like a title. Chase takes them to an old saloon where they dump their stuff, and the whole compound is giving Jared Manson Family vibes. Everything just screams cult

When they’re ready, Chase escorts the group to the big house of the Community which is cluttered with papers everywhere and filled with people dressed in homemade clothes who all seem to know who they are. Only their resident electrical whizz, an older black man called Hayes, doesn’t give off the Kool Aid vibes, but he does have a solid black raven tattoo on his wrist just like Chase. At last, Chase takes them to see their mom, Emma, and she’s looking good. She reassures them their father knows she’s a vampire and maybe not so reassuringly says there are no secrets in the Community. They’re interrupted by a bell ringing signifying The Shepherd has returned. Yeah, definite cult vibes.

Libby runs to hug her dad while Mina is wary of her father who has barely changed in the decade since she last saw him. The Shepherd welcomes his children and tells everyone to eat up, he’s brought takeout. Plates are filled by the Community residents until only The Shepherd, Emma, Hayes, Chase and Ellie, Chase’s girlfriend, are left with Mina, Libby, Jared and Della. The meal is awkward and gets even weirder when The Shepherd declares he is finished because then everyone else abruptly stops eating, too. 🎶Cult🎶

The Shepherd wants to show his daughters his research and takes them down into the basement where the clutter continues, but this time, it is scattered with artifacts and photographs. The research is on cryptids and other supernatural creatures and occurrences, and The Shepherd explains it all started with his father and the crash at Roswell in ‘47. He’s taken on his father's mantle and expanded it, believing that these supernatural creatures are the product of aliens doing experiments on humans and animals. The Community are like-minded individuals who have each witnessed something supernatural and been rejected by their friends, family and neighbors, and now they’ve come here to be believed and to help continue the search for answers and proof.

Libby isn’t really interested in the weird and wonderful objects in the basement, but Mina is eating it up. She spots an older photo of her dad with a skinny white guy and he takes it from her and tells her Clem was one of their members but his goals grew more violent and so he was asked leave to the Community. When Mina and Libby return to Jared and Della, who were not invited to see the research, they share information. Jared and Della tried to talk to the Community members, but everyone is tight-lipped, which is definitely cult-like behavior. When Mina and Jared take a walk, Jared tells her about Jamestown and Waco which really doesn’t ease Mina’s worries. Adding to them is the campfire gathering they stumble upon, where her dad leads the Community in chants of gratitude. 🎶Cult🎶

The next day, Mina’s dad takes Mina and Libby to a museum in Roswell while Della and Jared stay back to “rest” and “study,” aka hide from the sun and snoop around. For obvious vampiric reasons, Emma can’t join her family on the trip to Roswell, and many in the Community are traveling to a big basketball game, so it's just a father-daughters day. The museum is interesting, for Mina at least. The Shepherd explains his father’s connection to the Roswell crash, subsequent witness sightings, and his theory that the aliens crashed trying to warn humanity that the creatures they created would turn on them. There is a fervor in his eyes, especially when he says he’d like to tell the world and give them proof, and that according to the signs and reports, they only have a couple of years left before the uprising. After they grab burgers, The Shepherd takes them back to the ranch and arranges horseback riding for them. 

Chase and Ellie take Mina and Libby horseback riding, it’s been a long time since they’ve been on a horse, but it all comes back to them. While Ellie is friendly and open with Mina, telling her about her alien abduction and how she’s found a home in the Community after being ostracized from her home, Chase is a jerk. When they return back to the ranch, Chase directs the sisters to their father who has business concerning Jared. 

The Shepherd has Della in a secure location, Jared however is sitting under a thick blanket about to be exposed to the sun and his painful, fiery death which will be televised during the basketball commercial break for all of America to see. The Shepherd has decided to expose vampires to the world because in his bonkers, culty mind, there are only two years before hell breaks loose because a powerful vampire is going to take over the world and he needs to prepare humanity. The Shepherd puts on a rubber mask and makes his way to Jared, while Mina and Libby are forced to stay in the barn and watch the television as the basketball game changes to their father and Jared’s blanketed form on national television. As The Shepherd declares he has captured a vampire, he yanks the blanket away exposing Jared to the sun…

…and absolutely nothing happens. Awkward. The feed cuts back to the basketball game just as Della’s Jeep crashes through the barn wall. It’s Cafferty and Armand to the rescue, and they’ve already got Della and Jared. Like a bat out of hell, they race from the compound, Cafferty stopping only long enough to get his Impala and let Della take over the wheel of her Jeep. As they speed away, Armand offers his thoughts on Jared’s miraculous non-combustion: Jared has a healing ability that once thought to only work on others seems to now extend to himself, so as the sun tries to burn him, his powers heal him. This is extremely interesting, and something Saint Germain, the self proclaimed Vampire King of New Orleans, will want to know about. 

The next day they arrive back in New Orleans. Cafferty heads to the police station and Armand goes to his club, Empire of the Dead, while the rest head into their apartment they live in in the mansion, which is currently closed whilst renovations take place to create a Lost Boys room. As they’re settling in for a movie night, Mina spots a message blinking on their answering machine. Her dad has called, warning Mina he is in town with a new plan. He’s going to meet his friend from the photo she found and he doesn’t plan on reaching out while he’s in town, but he wants them to move past this messy, attempting-to-burn-her-boyfriend-to-death-on national-tv business. Anywho, time to ignore that, call Will and invite him over to watch Back to the Future with them. Will is busy, but will swing by soon. 

Will turns up after most of the movie is over, and he has a surprise for them, he’s a vampire! Fiona, a vampire they all know turned him, consensually!, and he loves it! Mina and Della, as Slayers, try to explain to him there are rules to being a good vampire and then Jared takes him to a blood bar, but later, he says he doesn’t think Will was all that impressed. Well, this is development, and because bad news comes in threes, the next morning the headline in the paper is VAMPIRE RIPPER STRIKES CITY and the article even has a letter from the killer signed ‘A Vampire of New Orleans.’ Great. 

Mina calls Cafferty at the police station who has been put on the case by his supernatural-aware, ex-partner-now-sergeant Boudreaux. He confirms a key piece of information was withheld from the press: the killer had a calling card, they left a tarot card with the body, the Hanged Man. Of course Mina and Jared are going to look into this, it could be The Shepherd or it could be another murderous vampire, so they head to an occult library to look up cults. 

Braving the sun, Jared and Mina head to the library which is magnificent. Unfortunately, the cult section, including rare and in-library-use-only items have been taken out by a very important patron who they couldn’t possibly confirm was Saint Germain. Well, it’s 1995 and books are no longer the only means of research, so Jared and Mina head to an internet cafe. Jared manages to very easily infiltrate a cult chat board. User CultConspir8or tells them about a vampire cult in New Orleans with a stockpile of weapons, stakes and crosses, while User87323 is willing to meet them at House of Games at 4pm to discuss it more and suggests they wear something vampy so they'll be recognized. Mina and Jared return to the Mansion for Jared to rest because being a daywalker takes a lot out of him, leaving Mina to head to House of Games, but she smartly takes Cafferty for support.  

Mina and Cafferty spread out and it’s not long before a girl joins Mina at the Tekken 2 game and comments on her Mina Harker T-shirt… it’s User87323. She warns Mina about a group led by a guy called Clem who is Bad News. The group is based in the swamp and they have pretty extreme views about the existence of vampires. With reluctance, she hands over the coordinates for Clem’s group and leaves. Cafferty was listening to the whole conversation and agrees to go with Mina. Mina heads back to the Mansion but it’s only for a short time because Paige, the new leader of the Slayers who is a pain in the ass and a complete sell out, has summoned her and Della for an emergency meeting. 

Mina and Della head to the Slayers Cave. Paige postures and simpers to the assembled Slayers before introducing their patron, Saint Germain. After thanking them for their fine work and keepin’ their connection to y’all secret, Saint Germain reveals that his vampires will now accompany the slayers as they patrol and hunt down the vampire ripper, with no exceptions. He’s also going to be providing a basic salary and upgrading all their kit, tools and weapons. As a cherry on top of this slimy sundae, Saint Germain will provide a handsome reward to whichever slayer deals the killing blow to the ripper. After, Paige tells Mina and Della to investigate Empire of the Dead because apparently there have been reports of vampire activity there and they need to get their house in order. They are to head over at 7pm and with them will go Ilian, one of Saint Germain’s top vampires. 

At 7pm Mina and Della leave the Mansion with Libby and Jared, and Ilian is waiting for them. They head to Empire of the Dead but have no luck questioning people. Fiona, the vampire who changed Will, is working that night, and she’s more nervous about seeing Will’s friends than any vampire ripper on account of turning their friend into a vampire, but it’s okay. Mina spots Will flirting with some girl and leading her out of the club into the alley where he drinks from her. Unfortunately, Mina doesn’t recall it because Will used memory erasing powers on her and… she never saw anything. 

The group hangs around Empire of the Dead for a while having fun before heading back to the Mansion for the night. The next day, Mina and Cafferty head into the swamp to meet Clem and hopefully The Shepherd, wanting to be able to rule out her dad as being the vampire ripper. Eventually they reach the “rustic swamp” place Clem and his group are living in. Clem is a violent, threatening jerk who comes close to hurting Mina and Cafferty but luckily The Shepherd intercedes and we finally learn that his name is Jeffery. The Shepherd, or Jeff, says he’s now staying in New Orleans and ushers Mina and Cafferty into his airboat with the ever cheerful Chase at the helm. After a standoffish conversation, Mina is satisfied that her father isn’t the vampire ripper, but is interested in who they are. Cafferty is concerned by the arsenal Clem’s group are hoarding and is going to report it to the weapons and firearms division.

Later, Cafferty takes Mina to the New Orleans Forensics Center to see the vampire ripper’s victim and Armand is meeting them there to also examine the body. While Mina tries not to breathe through her nose, Armand examines the vicious wound on the victim's neck and concludes a young male vampire did it.

After, Mina joins Libby, Della and Jared to go to the fall fair where they meet up with Will and Fiona before eating lots of unhealthy foods and making bad craft pencil wands. Their fun is interrupted by Saint Germain’s lackeys who want to speak to Jared and Mina. Saint Germain saw Jared’s display on TV and politely requests he join his employ, and, just as polite, he threatens Mina a little. Jared agrees with little argument, reasoning there is nothing he could do to get out of it. Armand escorts the couple out and hands Jared his pager and warns them to stay out of trouble and not to let Saint Germain know Jared also has the power to heal others.

Returning to their friends at the fair, the group breaks up with Mina and Della going on patrol and Jared joining them to clear his head. Not long into the patrol, Jared smells a dead body and they find another victim of the vampire ripper. Della makes an anonymous phone call to the police and luckily Cafferty was nearby and first on the scene so sends them on their way after Jared tells them the bite looks like it’s from a female vampire. On their way back to the Mansion, Jared is paged by Saint Germain. 

The next morning doesn’t start much better, Libby has agreed they will go to their father's for breakfast. Libby is quick to forgive their dad, Mina not so much, and is frankly pissed. The only reason she agrees is because Libby tells her Jeff has information on the vampire ripper. Mina, Libby and Della head to a fairly dilapidated hotel Jeff, their mom and some of the Community members are living in. 

Ellie and Chase are there, Ellie is her usual sunshine self and Chase is still a jerk. Turns out Libby lied to Mina and her dad doesn’t have any information about the vampire ripper but he is interested in what she might know. Over breakfast, Ellie tells them she’s not been sleeping well with bad dreams and takes a walk to clear her head. Talk soon turns to concerns about Clem’s group potentially doing something big as there were a lot of flyers for a lot of local events at his place. Jeff tells them not to worry. With that the breakfast ends and Mina, Libby and Della leave. Mina calls Cafferty to tell him about the flyers, but he says the weapons and firearms division went out to Clem’s place and reported no gear. No time to worry about all this now, it’s bonfire time! 

It’s a lovely evening, the bonfires are spectacular and even Saint Germain giving a speech doesn’t ruin it too much. Clem’s group of vigilantes do ruin it however when they attack. They shine UV torches in people’s faces and if the person burns, they try to kill them and throw them into the bonfire. It’s absolute chaos. One of Clem’s group tries to shine the light on Will and Fiona but Will punches her unconscious. Della and Mina try to help them and tell Will not to kill their attacker, instead he tells Mina and Della to forget that you saw us, pulls Fiona along and disappears. A second later Mina wonders why Della is crouched over an unconscious woman. Meanwhile, Clem has made an appearance by the bonfire and has Mina’s mum. Jeff comes running up as Mina and Della do and he’s able to get Clem to drop Emma and walk away. Jared soon joins them and heals Emma’s UV burned face while Jeff looks on with interest. 

The next day, the attack at the bonfire is barely a footnote in the news. Jeff calls though and leaves a voicemail, Ellie is dead. Jeff soon arrives at the Mansion and is consoled by his daughters. Ellie couldn’t sleep and went for a walk when she was attacked by the vampire ripper. Jeff needs to find this vampire and prove to the world what is in their midst before the apocalypse comes. Mina is willing to help find the killer, but the rest, not so much. They decide to start by visiting the news reporter who wrote the story of Ellie’s murder. 

Mina, Jared and Jeff head to the news office and Jeff is able to flirt and charm the reporter. She tells them there have been a few letters, calls and the like but only one stands out. She shows them a transcript of a 911 call where someone called Ray says he didn’t take that much blood. As the dispatcher is trying to get their name and location, Ray tells them it doesn't matter and hangs up. Outside the news office, Jared tells Mina he thinks he knows who Ray is from the jobs Saint Germain has been sending him on, and he works at a blood bar. They arrange to take Jeff there that night, but he’s got to bring Emma as he’ll need a vampire to get in. In the meantime, they’re going to tell Cafferty about the blood bar lead. 

Cafferty is having lunch at Empire of the Dead and when he leaves, Mina and Jared decide to hang around a little longer. Unfortunately their smoochy time is interrupted because Jared can smell fresh blood coming from the alley. When they investigate, Mina finds a tiny boy vampire drinking from a woman. The boy vampire is Tony, and he is Elijah, Armand’s day manager’s, son. It turns out John Carter, Armand’s psychopathic vampire brother from Mina and the Undead who is now properly dead, turned Tony at the beginning of the year when Elijah asked to be made a vampire. John Carter thought it was hilarious. Ever since, Elijah has homeschooled his son and, with Armand’s help, kept him secret. Frankly, it’s too much to add to Mina’s plate and if Armand’s on the case, she doesn’t want to get the slayers involved, so she decides it's best just to head home and have a nap.

When Mina wakes from her nap she meets Will to help him shop for a present for Fiona whose birthday is that day and who is having a party later. Mina takes him to Fanged Friends, finally deciding she’s ready to face Emmeline again, plus she loves the stuff she sells and they would be able to find something perfect for Fiona. Emmeline is happy to see Mina and help Will find a gift, so she selects a few outfits and Mina helps pick out the one Fiona would like the best. Unfortunately, it’s $10 more than Will has so he uses his vampire mind powers to get Emmeline to accept the $20 bill, except Emmeline is a witch and no witch worth their salt doesn’t protect themself against vampire juju. Mina is very confused. 

The urge to hit Will is strong, but Mina doesn’t give in to it. Will tries to justify his willy-nilly use of powers by saying he’s stopped his step mom from hating Mina for killing her son and getting her daughter incarcerated. That’s nice and all but still not cool. Mina gives him a pass, but just this once; she also leaves Will the $10 he needs for Fiona’s dress. When Mina gets back to the Mansion, she updates Jared with Will’s power development. Soon they’re heading to the blood bar with Emma and Jeff.

It thankfully goes well, Jeff is very interested in what he sees and doesn’t try to overstep too much. Ilian comes in as they’re questioning Ray with another Saint Germain lackey, Miranda, who is able to touch Ray and see that he is a nervous wreck but is clearly not the vampire ripper. Oh well, time to head to Fiona’s party at Nine Steps to Hell. 

Fiona looks amazing in the dress Mina helped pick out and she’s so grateful for the skull jewelry from Mina and Jared and Libby and Della. When the food comes for the mere mortals, Will and Fiona head into the Dante exhibit for some quiet time wink. Unfortunately, Paige, her lieutenant Beau and a couple of other slayers come in to ruin the party. 

The head of the slayers isn’t satisfied with Mina and Della’s investigations and Saint Germain is freaking out over the ripper so she’s come to pick up their slack. As Elijah is walking past with a tray of glasses, a slayer grabs him for looking suspicious because he’s sweaty which causes Tony to come tearing out of the back room to protect his dad and bite one of the slayers. Suddenly a fight breaks out between Fiona and Paige, and Paige stakes Fiona, killing her. The slayers leave, saying they held to the code while Jared holds Will back, however he can only hold him so long after the slayers run off. Meanwhile, Armand has had a vision about a hospital bed but it’s too fragmented to know more.

Matters are made even worse when Cafferty calls the next morning to say all of Clem’s group in the swamp were killed by vampires during the night, the same night Jeff had been planning to visit Clem. Mina dials her mum straight away who is worried as Jeff didn’t come home, so Mina, Libby, Della and Jared head over to their hotel. Hayes is sure they all would know if something had happened to The Shepherd. In other news, Chase apologizes for being a dick to them, and oh yeah, he’s their half brother.

Jeff had a relationship with Chase’s mom but it didn’t work out and he moved to the UK not long after he was born, met Emma and had Libby and Mina, but they reconnected when he returned to the States. Mina and Libby are surprised but quick to accept Chase’s revelation. As he’s relaying it, there is a knock on the door and it’s a tired and dirty looking Jeff. He managed to escape the vampire attack, found a boat and paddled back to the city. Well, he’s safe now which is what matters, but now the Mansion of the Macabre is reopening with its new Lost Boys room so Mina and co. better get a move on. 

Instead of their usual Interview with a Vampire roles, Mina will play Star and Jared will play Michael in the Lost Boys room. They excitedly get ready in all senses of the word, but things don’t go too far because Libby needs to do Mina’s makeup. The first tour through the new room goes brilliantly except for the bloody body Jared can smell behind some of the curtain decorations. It’s Cafferty, he’s been attacked by a vampire… and been turned! Argh! He’s going for Mina’s neck! Apparently Saint Germain was unhappy with Cafferty’s lack of results. 

Jared takes care of Cafferty and takes him to Armand. This doesn’t put Mina and Della off patrolling, though Della opts to stay with Libby and take her to one of Armand’s safe houses since the Mansion is compromised, so Jared will patrol with Mina and meet up with them at the new place later. They opt to investigate the derelict hospital across the street from the Mansion based on Armand’s vision. Inside they find some vampires who are easily staked. As they venture deeper, they come to a patient room with someone strapped down and a white-coated female leaning over them. In the bed is Rosario, the former head of the slayers, and she’s been turned.

At first the white coat isn’t impressed by Mina and Jared bursting in because the doctor will return soon. However, when Mina pulls her stake out, she changes her mind about the situation and starts removing the equipment attached to Rosario before dashing off. Mina and Jared finish freeing Rosario and then Rosario runs after the assistant and uses really cool electric powers to get her revenge. Together, the three head to the safe house which just so happens to be Emmeline’s home. 

The next morning, Rosario explains what happened after she was taken from the church (see Mina and the Slayers). Her electric powers aren’t innate, rather the doctor transferred them to her from another vampire who did not survive the procedure. Rosario is the only vampire to have survived, but now Saint Germain has the solution and will start taking all the vampire powers he wants. It’s time to have a big planning session to take down the bad guy so Emmeline suggests going to Toil and Trouble, a members-only magical speakeasy, which should help protect them. It’s time to gather the troops. 

Everyone is at Toil and Trouble: Mina, Jared, Libby, Della, Cafferty, Rosario, Emmeline, Armand, and even Elijah. They discuss the problem that is Saint Germain, the power hungry vampire, who is protected by strong and powerful lackeys who wake up and choose violence, plenty of money to finance his whims, and a band of slayers on his payroll they don’t know if they can trust. Easy. 

Saint Germain is holding a dinner party that evening which Mina and Jared just so happen to have an invitation to. The plan is that when Saint Germain leaves by the back route to avoid mingling with the common people, they will jump him with everything they have as he should have minimal guards with him. The power vacuum it will leave is a problem for the future. Libby won’t go with them because she’s a liability as she doesn’t know how to fight, so she’ll open the Mansion to customers. 

A few hours later, Mina and Jared get ready for the party. It’s being held in a swanky mansion in the Garden District and at first everything goes well. After the dessert is served, Saint Germain gives his toast and the room begins to empty, however things have gone wrong as only Saint Germain’s vampires remain, making Paige and Beau, who came during the last course, look nervous. Saint Germain’s lackeys usher Della, Emmeline, Rosario and Cafferty inside and none of them have their weapons. 

Noticeably missing is Armand, but apparently, Saint Germain has already sucked Armand dry and taken his vision powers. Turns out Elijah betrayed them, he wanted Saint Germain to help look after Tony and also turn him into a vampire. Well, Saint Germain values loyalty and Elijah has already shown he can’t be trusted, so instead of keeping Tony safe, he’s going to suck his him dry of his powers and also rip out Elijah’s throat. Surprisingly, Ilian takes hold of Tony gently and ushers him out. 

Emmeline steps forward and offers to enter Saint Germain’s employ to save the others, saying that having a witch on the payroll would be useful, however when she tries to blow black powder in his face, Saint Germain snaps Emmeline’s neck. Beau steps forward telling Saint Germain the killings have to stop, which is a fair point, but the slayers are proving troublesome and expensive. As a final act, the group tries to attack, Della escapes the grip of the vampire holding her, Jared makes a run for Saint Germain, and Cafferty and Rosario start fighting free. One of the vampire lackeys lets out a scream that paralyzes the group, and one of Saint Germain’s people grabs Jared while everyone collapses in pain. As Saint Germain leaves with Jared, he orders Carmilla and Ilian to get rid of the rest of them.

Carmilla’s power is to puppeteer Mina and her friends outside. In the courtyard they are forced to stop and Ilian freezes them. As Carmilla is about to attack Mina, Ilian rips out Carmilla’s heart. Ilian won’t die at the hands of Saint Germain’s doctor and, with Tony, he can start a new life with the son he’s always wanted. As Saint Germain also threatened Libby because he’s not particularly keen on revenge plots, Della will go and keep her safe, but everyone else needs to get to the hospital and take out Saint Germain before he takes Jared’s powers. Beau tells them they need the other slayers and can arm up with the gear at the slayer cave. Mina will also head to her parents and ask them to join the fight. 

When Mina gets to her parents’ place, they return ready to go, as are Chase and Hayes, though Chase will stay with Libby and Della. At the hospital, Beau and the slayers are nowhere to be seen. As Jeff tries to make some big stirring speech, Cafferty cuts him off and tells them to get inside! Hayes will cut the power at the hospital which will hopefully delay the procedure and Jeff and Cafferty will be going with him, which leaves Mina, Rosario and Emma to take down Saint Germain and his lackeys. 

The fight through the hospital is brutal, powers and stakes are flying. At one point, a ball of blue flames heads straight for Emma but she just disappears and a moment later reappears unharmed. It seems Emma has unlocked her vamp power which apparently reflects her penchant for disappearing. They continue down in the dark, Hayes having cut the power, but seconds later over the walkie-talkie they hear screams and fighting in the generator room before the walkie goes to static. They need to continue on and meet up with Paige and Beau. The fight starts again as they move deeper into the hospital and Jeff and Cafferty join. Luckily Jeff has brought a surprise from Clem’s weapons stash: syringes with suspension of silver in them, which are very effective. As this portion of the fight dies down, Beau is on the ground with his throat ripped out.

They push forward into a room with thick glass, Jared unconscious on a hospital bed, Tony and Ilian on a bed near him, Saint Germain looking smug as he’s rolling up his sleeve, and Doctor Azalea prepping for the procedure. Paige starts pulling C4 out of a bag intending to blow the door into the operating room, but just before the Doctor is about to start the procedure, Saint Germain gets a vision of a tarot card in a dead hand and declares that Paige is the ripper.

What?! Paige explains she didn’t kill the people, she just took advantage of kills made by overeager vampires to stage the bodies and decided to write the stupid letters to annoy Saint Germain and squeeze more money out of him for the slayers. Cafferty is going to arrest her ass for tampering with a crime scene once they’re done here. Speaking of, Emma bangs her hands on the window, disappears and reappears in the operating room but is too late as the doctor has already switched on the machine… but it doesn’t seem to be working properly as it starts to smoke and Saint Germain turns red, his veins bulging before he begins convulsing and sags to the bed, his corpse instantly starting to decay. 

Emma frees Jared, opens the doors and they force Doctor Azalea to wake up Jared, Ilian and Tony. Doctor Azalea starts accusing them of tampering with the machine and freaking out that the vampire elders will destroy her for it. Now awake, Ilian explains he asked Tony to use his mind control powers to get the Doctor to mess up the machine, so really she only has herself to blame. Before the Doctor can run off, Rosario uses her powers on her in sweet sizzling blue revenge. As things are wrapping up and Cafferty is putting Paige into cuffs, Will decides to turn up. He wants revenge for Fiona’s death, but Cafferty insists it will happen in a court of law. As they are leaving, Emma extends an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner the following night. 

The next evening, Mina, Jared, Libby, Della, Cafferty, Rosario and Will celebrate Thanksgiving with Jeff, Emma and Chase. Jeff is hanging up the Community now that the apocalypse has been prevented. He wants to stay in New Orleans with his wife and children and be there for his family. Nothing is straightforward, but Mina is happy with that. She’s got her friends, family, New Orleans and a future to be excited about. 

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