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Love, Always Love(d, and Lost and Forgotten)

In this episode, Amanda and Claire talk about original series characters and spin-off characters, their hatred of a few of them, and their predictions for the final book in their discussion of the first three books in the House of Night Otherworld series Loved, Lost and Forgotten by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. We also had a guest for Would You Rather, our super-fan Constance!

This episode was a little... different. We spent nearly an hour and a half sharing the summaries for Loved, Lost and Forgotten and so decided that that was enough. We skipped over all our normal discussion and moved straight to Would You Rather with our favorite listener Constance. Here's a picture of that!

After WYR, we talked about some predictions for the outcome of the final book in the series, Found, that we'll be talking about next week WITH EVEN MORE SPECIAL GUESTS! Don't miss out on that one! We're going to have a discussion of the full series and a BONUS EPISODE next week and it's going to be super special.

Here's a teaser to get you excited about this series. Don't worry, it shouldn't take an hour and a half to read this little bit.

In the first three books of this spin-off, Zoey Redbird and her Nerd Herd are now the North American High Council of Vampyres. They're running the Tulsa House of Night and a few others across the US, but when Zoey is visited by Kalona who gives her a dire warning about Neferet in a dream, the Nerd Herd has to get back together. They're not alone this time though. After a circle-casting goes terribly wrong, a doorway to another world is opened. In that world Zoey is dead and her brother, Kevin, has been Marked by Nyx to defeat his world's Neferet. BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEIR WORLDS COLLIDE?! Uh oh... better read or listen to the episode to find out!

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