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In this episode of Fictional Hangover, we discuss Legendary by Stephanie Garber.

You'll remember the post from a couple of weeks ago where I said we're talking about all three books in this series because Finale, the last of the trilogy, was being released soon. It came out yesterday! Did you get it? We did! ARCs! Before it was even out! You should be jealous. We're not discussing Finale for a couple more weeks though to give everyone a chance to read it first.

So, back to Legendary. This book picks up right after the end of Caraval and is from Tella's point of view. I guess that means she survived the first book, right? Right. But you knew she was going to.

Tella's story also involves a game of Caraval, but for the Empress's birthday, so it's extra special. Her story also involves a mysterious tarot card deck called The Deck of Destiny, and uh oh, the people in those cards might just be real. And they might be coming to life. And they might be terrible. We know at least one of them is out. His name is Jacks and he's the Prince of Hearts and Tella is accidentally engaged to him. It's kind of a funny story, but you should read about it. Jacks has the power to kill with his kiss and guess who kisses him? Yeah, Tella. Let's see if she can survive this time!

I know you're surprised, but I didn't dress up for this episode. I know, I know, it's disappointing. But it'll make for a great booktube video after we do our Finale episode if I can do all three at the same time. Here's a recording picture anyway. I was laughing at the wording of Amber's favorite part of the book because I'm clearly a child.

With uncontained glee,


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