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Kendare Blake: The (Anti)Goddess

This week on Fictional Hangover, Claire and I talk about Antigoddess by AND WITH! Kendare Blake. That's right! There are two episodes this time! We have our main episode with our summary and discussion and everything like always plus a bonus episode featuring our game of Would You Rather and an interview with Kendare.

Kendare has been on the show before, twice! The first time was way back in episode 8 where former cohost Amber and I kind of talked about Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne and Two Dark Reigns. The second time was with me solo in episode 53 before Claire joined where we talked about Five Dark Fates. Both of these times were before we started doing bonus episodes, so Kendare's finally got one now. Hooray!! You should definitely listen to it. It's hilarious. But listen to the main episode, too.

So, what is Antigoddess about? The ancient Greek gods and goddesses still live among us, but they're dying in really weird ways. For instance, Athena is slowly filling up with feathers, Hermes is wasting away, Demeter is stretching out across the desert and Hera is turning to stone. What's causing this twilight of the gods and why does Hera want to kill everyone? Athena and Hermes have to find the reborn prophetess Cassandra for help but, the last time Athena and Cassandra saw each other... uh... things didn't go so well. Remember the Trojan War? Yeah, Cassandra does, too.

I'm so glad that Kendare has a bonus episode now. She's been with the show almost since the very beginning and has already promised to come back at least two more times. She's so funny and dry and sarcastic and just the best kind of person in every single way. We talked a lot about the gods and cosplay and making cats wear costumes and her upcoming books. Really, she's great. Here's a recording picture where we're probably talking about cats or farts or food.

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