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Kat and Dawn Join Us in Harrow Lake

Oooh! We have two episodes again this time! First, a discussion of Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis and second, a bonus featuring a chat about some of the things that happen in Harrow Lake plus some other weird stuff with Kat Ellis and Dawn Kurtagich! (It's not Halloween without Dawn Kurtagich, and this time... we weren't cursed... mostly. More on that later.)

First, let's talk about Harrow Lake. It's a delightfully creepy book, probably slightly more thriller than horror, but there is a monster of a man called Mister Jitters that lurks through the pages who adds to the horror element. In this book, Lola Nox has to go stay with her grandmother in the small town of Harrow Lake after her father, a famous movie director, is attacked. Harrow Lake is the town where his first and most popular film was made and where he met Lola's mother, Loralei, the star of the movie. But she disappeared a while ago. And Harrow Lake is really weird. They have a Nightjar festival every year and everyone seems stuck in the 1920s. Is that because of the film or because of the landslide that destroyed the town back then? Whatever. Lola doesn't get to go out much when she's with her father, but now that she's in Harrow Lake, she gets to explore and maybe she doesn't like what she finds.

Sounds good, right? Well, there's so much more to it than that. Go read it and listen to the episode. We have a really good discussion about this one.

Now for the bonus episode! Kat and Dawn joined us (as you can tell by the title of this post and the first paragraph)! We asked them a few Would You Rather questions about Harrow Lake and a couple from our Monstrumologist discussion from a few weeks ago just because they were gross which seemed fitting as this is our Halloween episode. You can find those in both the regular episode and the bonus. They stuck around for a little bit after that to talk about their friendship, teeth nightmares, secrets, scary movies and Halloween costumes. Speaking of Halloween costumes... we were all dressed up for the episode! Kat and Dawn were accidental twinsies as Jigsaw, I'm a devil and the odd man out with a bright red face, and Claire is a spooky spidery lady in a fancy little hat. Aren't we cute? Here's a picture:

Kat and Dawn were accidental twinsies as Jigsaw, I'm a devil and the odd man out with a bright red face, and Claire is a spooky spidery lady in a fancy little hat.

Finally, about the curse and it not being Halloween without Dawn Kurtagich...

Do you remember last year when we had Dawn on for our Halloween episode to talk about her book Teeth in the Mist but that recording didn't work and so we actually didn't get to have her on the episode? Yeah, I remember that, too. We were cursed. I was heartbroken. We had a lot of technical issues after that, too. The curse continued. Anyway, then do you remember the year before, our fourth episode of the show, when she was going to join us live but then couldn't but she did record herself answering the Would You Rather questions and I awkwardly edited them in to the show? Yeah, I remember that, too. It was terrible. So this time, Dawn really did get to join us and there's video of it actually happening (to see that video, join our Patreon Bonus! tier). So the Dawn Kurtagich Halloween curse is finally broken! Although... she did disappear for a few minutes at the beginning of that recording and my audio recording was cursed a little bit in that I stupidly didn't check which microphone was recording in my audio editor. STUPID ME! But at least we had the Zoom recording and I could scrounge the audio from that. Thank goodness for double backups and having to save the videos for our Patreon members. WHEW. Oh, also, I just remembered... My computer shut down as those video files were converting and I hadn't saved my audio file yet because we were still recording, but luckily all those files were recoverable. WE VERY NARROWLY DODGED THE CURSE. It was like Final Destination in here that day... YIKES. I think that's enough for now. I don't want to tempt fate.

Devilishly yours,


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