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In our episode this week, Claire and I finish up the original Twilight Saga and discuss Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. We have... some things to say about this one and they all kind of revolve around the same thing. Imprinting on babies. Here we are discussing it. Don't we look perplexed?

So we all know that in Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward get married and have a baby an the Bella becomes a vampire and Jacob falls in love with the baby and then the Volturi come because the baby looks like a vampire baby but it's not, it's only half-vampire, and then they shrug and walk away at the end, right? (If only our episode summary was that short!) The entire story is basically about this weird human-vampire-robot baby that everyone is in love with and Jacob imprints on as wolves tend to do and it's the entire reason why he and Bella were ever friends to begin with... but isn't it weird? Don't you think it's inappropriate for a baby to be imprinted upon and their entire lives are ruled by a werewolf looking at you? Neither can have a fulfilling life, really, truly, because the source or focus of the imprint becomes your sole purpose. It's sad and we don't like it. Also, when you're a grown adult in love with a baby... that's just wrong.

Listen to OR WATCH our episode where we actually talk about quite a bit more than imprinting! It's a long one this time! You can also read our summary, if you want to.

Okay, that's it for now.


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