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Immediate Murder

In our most recent episode of the show, Claire and I talk about immediate murder, the creepy fucking cabin in the woods, luring monsters into the closet with candy, and running off to get ice cream, as one does, in our discussion of The October Faction Volume One by Steve Niles and Damien Worm. We spent a good deal of time saying Damien Worm's name, so ... sorry if you hear that and get weirded out, Damien. We mean it with love.

Normally when we talk about a graphic novel, it's middle grade and/or precious... but this time... we went full on horror AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Not that I don't like our cutesy books, but horror is so more my style. This graphic novel introduces us to the Allen family, who you might compare with maybe the Addams family if you add more violent murder to their repertoire. The Allen parents, Frederick and Deloris, are monster hunters and their children, Geoff and Vivian, want to join in the family business. At first Frederick isn't on board, but then he has to kill someone and bury the body, so might as well teach them the ways. They also have to deal with Frederick's former partner who is now a werewolf and also a creature called Robot Face, who, you guessed it, has a robot face. Are the kids going to have what it takes to join their parents? Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary for all the details!


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