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I Will Punch and/or Kill for Adrian

In this episode of the show, Claire and I talk about Spirit Bound, Vampire Academy book five, by Richelle Mead.

Before I talk briefly about this book, can I just shout for a little bit about the fact that after 10+ years, this series is coming to TV? Yeah yeah, we know the movie wasn't perfect, but now it's going to be on Peacock and made by the same people that made Vampire Diaries. I really can't help but feel we are somewhat responsible. I mean... how often have we lamented about the fact that a full movie series or TV show doesn't exist when it clearly needs to? Every episode I feel like. AND NOW IT'S HAPPENING! There aren't a whole lot of details just yet, but know that it will be a thing. Now if we could just use our obvious influence and get somebody to pick up House of Night...

In this book, Rose is back home in the US having not successfully killed Strigoi Dimitri, but she did learn a useful thing or two in Russia and now, she and Lissa are going to put them into practice. They both graduate from St. Vladimir's, making Rose a real, true Guardian with a capital G. The two head to the Royal Court and then to Alaska, then to Las Vegas and finally, back to Court. What do they do on their cross-country jaunt? Learn how to bring a Strigoi back to life. BUT WILL IT WORK? Better read the book to find out! (You can also read our summary and listen to our episode.)

Here's a recording picture for this week:

Okay... next time, we're going to be LIVE! DON'T FORGET!!! We're going to talk about the short story The Girl and the Machine by Beth Revis. Read it and join us!

See you then! Amanda

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