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Hot Pterodactyl Birthday!

In this episode, we discuss the (bad) book Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn, narrated by Brittany Pressley. Look... we say it's bad. It has a 2.13 rating on Goodreads. That's technically bad. But we enjoyed discussing it. And that's a good thing. One of the best things about books, actually. You can experience a book, you can like it, you can hate it, but as long as you can have a discussion about it, you can enjoy it.

What's the book about? Well... uh... it's kind of about a hot pterodactyl boyfriend, but not really. It's more about a pterodactyl that shows up at a high school and immediately falls in love with a girl who is not the main character of the book, but the main character is obsessed with the pterodactyl and maybe the pterodactyl likes her, too. Both girls have purple noses because of him, so that's a thing that kind of makes you think there's something going on, but it's hard to say because the pterodactyl says about five or six words the entire time and also has a band and also goes to jail. The main character is student body chair and really wants the pterodactyl to be safe at school and to be in charge of everything and for everyone to always do what she says when she says it. So really it's about this girl struggling with her control issues and also a pterodactyl is there.

Do you see how it sounds like a bad book but you also kind of want to read it at the same time? Really, just listen to our discussion instead. Then you can read it if you want to. And if you do read it, listen to it because the narrator is talented.

Now for the second half of the title of this post. It's Claire's birthday! We decided months and months ago to read and discuss a bad book to celebrate our birthdays and we've stuck to it so far. I plan on sticking with it too. I've even picked out the book we're going to discuss in November, but you'll have to wait to find out what it is. But that's not important. What's important is IT'S CLAIRE'S BIRTHDAY! Everyone go give her well wishes. She deserves them. I'm lucky to have met her through the podcast (Well, I guess I should say "met" because we still haven't seen each other in person before, but anyway, you know what I mean.) and I'm lucky to be able to call her my friend. She's brought me so much joy since we began working together and I hope she's brought you joy, too.

Here's a picture of us working on this episode and celebrating her birthday at the same time. Yes, we have purple noses, but we do not have Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriends. Oh man... I've got a story about that, too, but it might be better told through photos on Instagram later maybe. We'll see.

I'm weird looking,


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