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Hold Me Closer, Reanimated Panda

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride is one of my most favorite books in a long time and I'm so glad we decided back in our 100th episode (our first ever live video!) to cover it. We created an entire theme just so we could do it (Name That Tune: Read a book with a song lyric in the title or with a musical theme). We had so much fun recording the episode and we were lucky enough to have Lish join us for Would You Rather and a bonus episode, too, so be sure to check it out.

Why do I love this book so much? Let me count the ways... It features a male protagonist who is a lovable asshole (buy the merch!), it's full of sarcasm and snark, it's got zombies (including but not limited to a reanimated panda in the zoo), it has multiple necromancers, lots of werecreatures, some witches, a friend who's just a head and a pantsless satyr, it has chapter titles that are songs that are about the best parts of each chapter, plus a million other things. Also? It's super well written! It's really just spectacular in every way. I feel like with all of that, I don't even have to recap it for you, but if you need an in-depth summary, you can read ours from the show.

The bonus episode was really great, too. We talked to Lish McBride for like two and a half hours about movies and music and books and weird place names and coffee and Seattle. We barely talked about the book at all, but it's almost like all of those things that we did talk about were part of the book anyway, so it makes sense. Be sure to give it a listen. Here's a recording picture where we were practicing awkward author photos. That is a really good representation of the ridiculousness of the rest of the episode.

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