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Check out our episode here! (featuring Hidden, Revealed and Redeemed)

Hidden by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Hidden starts during the reveal ritual, but back at the House of Night. Lenobia is dreaming of her first human love, Martin, and decides she can't love another human, even though Travis is with possibly Martin reincarnated. She's awakened when she feels her horse Mujaji's agitation, but thinks it's because she herself is agitated. Meanwhile Neferet sacrifices Dragon's cat to pay for commanding Aurox to kill Rephaim. Then she sets the field house and stables on fire. Lenobia finally realizes THAT'S what was causing Mujaji stress and goes to rescue the horses and Travis from the fire. One of the rogue red fledglings, Nicole, comes to help and everyone is fine, except for the cats (Anastasia's cat also died). Lenobia didn't want another human lover to burn in a stable fire like her first lover, so she saved Travis and kissed him. Shaylin tells Lenobia that Neferet was there and was looking... Dark. Remember she has true sight? Then Thanatos, Kalona, Zoey and the rest of the nerd herd arrive back at the school from doing their ritual.

Thanatos announces that Neferet is evil and that she let the high council know. She went to the field house and discovered the spell Neferet did to control Aurox and that she has to sacrifice something each time to control him because he's not just an empty vessel. (Ugh. Heath.) Speaking of... Aurox runs off after the ritual and killing Dragon even though he didn't want to, and encounters Grandma Redbird who takes care of him because of course she does because she's wonderful. After being cared for by Grandma, Aurox returns to the school where he falls into the hole that Kalona emerged from. Back in the tunnels, Zoey is awakened by Stark who is angry because Zoey was saying Heath's name in her sleep. They get over that quickly, probably have sex and then wake up the next day. Zoey meets Shaylin in the kitchen and they talk about deciphering the Shaylin's true sight. Aphrodite and Stevie Rae are there too, then Damien comes in and announces that Neferet is having a press conference.

During the press conference, Neferet tells the press and the Mayor, Aphrodite's dad, that she left the HoN because they're evil, are led by a new High Priestess of Death and are hurting humans, especially the Red Vampyres. She said Dragon died by a bull attack because Stark was there. Yes, I know it makes zero sense, but everyone is lapping it up. After the conference, she was going to put a Jafar-spell on Mayor LaFont, convincing him to do exactly what she wants, but his phone rang at the last moment and he left.

Zoey is determined to be normal at school so everything can go back to normal. Sure. That's gonna work. Thanatos plans her own press conference which becomes a job fair on Saturday. Thanatos challenges Zoey to use and learn about her seer stone, Aphrodite to learn to use her prophetess gifts without having visions, and Shaylin to learn to better interpret the auras she sees using her true sight.

Dallas, spurred by a conversation with Neferet, hits on Erin, who gets in the fountain and takes off all her clothes? while there's a funeral pyre about to start. It can't have been far away. Yeesh. Erin ends up completely leaving the group, much as we all knew she would. And she may have told Dallas absolutely everything about the nerd herd. Which would be bad. She says she'll still be a part of the circle if Zoey calls, but do we really want her in the circle? Shaylin sees that she's completely changed.

Zoey uses her seer stone and sees Lenobia's first human love inside of Travis, so that's good for Lenobia, and we can see that someone has been reincarnated, so maybe it's possible that Heath is indeed inside of Aurox. Kalona is greeted by his brother Erebus who tells him to leave the House of Night because he's making Nyx sad. Kalona is happy because Nyx is still watching him, so maybe she still cares about him. He's not allowed in her temple though. Meanwhile, Aurox prays to Nyx because he really doesn't want to be bad anymore. You know who will understand? Grandma.

Thanatos's press conference went well but enraged Neferet, who caught the last bit on TV. Then she gets a video call from the High Council who shun her. Like, literally saying "shunned" and turning their backs on her. It was kind of awesome, but really angers Neferet, who immediately summons Darkness to her. The bullpoopie is about to hit the fan, y'all.

Or ... Not. Darkness no longer finds Neferet entertaining, so he won't help her again until she pleases him. Which gives her an idea...

Grandma Redbird is in her home on her little lavender farm when a terrible feeling comes over her. She begins to sing and chant and protect herself with turquoise, and it's a good thing she does, because out on her front porch she encounters Neferet. Luckily Neferet is unable to touch Grandma because of the power of the turquoise, but unluckily, her tendrils of Darkness are unaffected. Neferet does not kill Grandma, but instead uses the Darkness to create a cage to trap her and carry her to her suite at the Mayo.

Aurox arrives too late, but then rushes back to the school to tell Zoey and Thanatos what has happened. Kalona vows to pretend to go back to Neferet, but to actually save Grandma. He arrives, but as he's calling Neferet "Goddess," he realizes that he's truly given up Darkness and is back on the path of his true goddess, Nyx. Neferet makes her tendrils of Darkness feed on Kalona's blood to strengthen them so they can in turn weaken Grandma's barrier of protection. He escapes back to the school, feeling like a failure, but if he hadn't left, Grandma would have died.

Zoey's upset and crying about Grandma, which is kind of understandable, but she's such a whiny baby about it. She asks Nyx to help her and the goddess appears in her Earth Mother form, Grandma's goddess. She tells Zoey to quit acting like a child and grow up. (And it's great. But will she listen? Because she hasn't thus far.) She rounds up the nerd herd, minus Erin but plus Shaylin, and gets ready to cast a circle when Thanatos, Kalona and Aurox show up. Thanatos and Kalona realize that to get through the Darkness cocooning grandma, they need to use a creature made of Darkness… enter Aurox.

Shaylin takes Erin's place as water because in addition to True Sight, she also has an affinity for water. (We shouldn't be shocked by this, there were several clues about her knowing when it was going to rain, but still, it’s very convenient) Anyway, they cast the circle to strengthen Aurox while all the warriors beat him up. They want to make sure Aurox can fight without becoming the bull, and he can.

The next day Kramisha gives Zoey a prophetic poem that is actually a spell before they all go out to the Mayo to rescue grandma. Thanatos will cast a circle around the entire building, the warriors will keep everyone safe, Aurox will rescue grandma and throw her off the roof into Kalona's waiting arms. Sounds like a good plan. It mostly works until Neferet realizes she can't really control Aurox anymore, so Zoey and the rest of the nerd herd go up to her suite. Neferet says the red vampyres aren't welcome in her house and they're shot back, breaking the circle. Zoey remembers the poem and says the spell, which turns the seer stone into a mirror which Zoey makes Neferet look at. She sees her past self, broken, bloody and beaten, and is distracted long enough for Kalona to take Grandma to safety and for Aurox to charge Neferet off the roof and onto the pavement below. When they get down there, Stark makes Zoey use the mirror again on Aurox and it's really revealed that he definitely is Heath. Ugh. They also realize that Neferet, once again broken, bloody and beaten, isn't dead.

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