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In this episode of the show, Amber and I discuss Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff.

Here's our recording picture this week:

We might have liked this one even better than the first. I mean... Mia, our shadow-controlling, ruthless assassin of a main character is now a GLADIATOR (well, gladiatii in the book, but come on, that's a gladiator). In book two, she's set on a course to become the top gladiatii amongst her new cohorts in order to fulfill that same goal she had in Nevernight, to murder the men that killed her father and ruined her family. So now she's even more badass than before. OH! Speaking of badass... Look at this!

Yeah. That's the Jay Kristoff telling the me that my Mia cosplay is badass. What a compliment!

Okay, that's it for today.

Badassily yours,


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