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Glittery Eyebrows and Audiobook Producers

Okay, wow. I am dying with this episode, or episodes I should say. There are two again this week, so you know what that means! An awesome interview with an awesome person related to books in some way! This time, it's audiobook producer Elece Green. She's the most glamorous and magnificently talented person and I'm so glad she took THREE HOURS out of her day to talk to us. But that's the bonus episode.

The main episode is about Freak Show by James St. James. Billy Bloom, self-proclaimed Super Freak, moves from his mother's home in Connecticut to live with his father in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He doesn't really fit in in south Florida, but he tries his best. Why doesn't he fit in? you may be asking... because he's a teenage drag queen. Apparently the kids at his new private school don't approve of him or his outfits, though his outfits are GREAT. (Come on... totally straight pirate, swap hag, Carrie... those are FANTASTIC.) Unfortunately the fashion-challenged kids take out their aggressions on Billy and make his life a living hell. There are only two people in the school he can trust, his very first friend Blah Blah Blah and the cutest boy in school, Flip. He plans to get back at the terrible students by running for Homecoming Queen! Will he be crowned the winner? You'll have to read to find out.

Really though, you should listen because the audiobook is spectacular and we have Elece Green to thank for that. In addition to producing this one, she also produced some of my most favorite audiobooks of all time: The Dead House, And the Trees Crept In and Teeth In the Mist. That's right, all of Dawn Kurtagich's books! In our bonus episode, we spend a lot of time talking to her about Dawn's books and Freak Show and irrational fears and good and bad sounds and vintage clothes and farting on command. Yeah. Even that. We also play an extended round of Would You Rather featuring questions about Freak Show and some of our old Dawn favorites. You really, really shouldn't miss it.

Here's a picture from our recording with Elece. Notice my glittery eyebrows. That's from Freak Show. When describing a makeup routine, Billy suggests having glittery eyebrows and we all know how I feel about my eyebrows! I had to try it out, and now, I kind of always want to add glitter. Claire is fabulous in her tiara which also goes along with the book since Billy is running for Homecoming Queen. Elece is just amazing and beautiful without doing anything book-related.

That's all for now. Everyone, go put glitter on your eyebrows and listen to a book produced by Elece!


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