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Garlic and the Squee!

In our episode this week, Claire and I talk about Garlic and the Witch by Bree Paulsen. After our nearly three hour long episode last week, we needed to discuss something short and sweet and garlicky...! We just love these books so much because they're freaking precious. The first few minutes of the episode are full of high-pitched squees because we just couldn't contain ourselves! Here's a picture of us mid-squee.

So what's this book about and why is it so cute? Garlic, who we met in Garlic and the Vampire has woken up one day to discover that she's grown and extra finger on each hand, which means she's turning into a human! Yikes! Change is scary! Is she going to be the only veggie person in Witch Agnes's garden to become a human? Garlic's best friend (and maybe more, hence the squees! 🧄❤️️🥕) Carrot thinks they're all going to change, but they don't want Garlic to become a human without them (squee again! 🧄❤️️🥕). Garlic goes on a quest with her vampire friend, Count, but will she still be a garlic when she gets back? Read the book, listen to our episode and check out our summary for all the details!

Squee! 🧄❤️️🥕


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