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Frostbite or ADRIAN!!!

We've made it to Frostbite, book two of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I'm currently dying because my favorite character was introduced (ADRIAN!!! if you can't tell by the title of this post or all the shouting I did in the episode) but he's barely in this one, and Claire, who has never read this series before, thinks he's a creep. Yeah, he is. I agree. But do you know what else he is? A Lovable Asshole, which is my most favorite type of character in any book. I love Lovable Assholes so much that I created a design in our Redbubble shop about them. Please buy all the Lovable Asshole things.

What is Frostbite about? Rose and Lissa and the rest of the crew from St. Vladimir's Academy are going on a Christmas ski trip! Yay! The reason why they are going on a ski trip isn't so great. It's not just a school field trip; it's to keep them all safe because a group of Strigoi are working with humans to kill giant groups of royal Moroi vampires and their guardians, and that's exactly what St. Vladimir's Academy is. A giant group of Moroi and guardians. Uh oh! So they decide to go to a protected resort for the holidays so families can still be together, which is nice. Dimitri, Rose's super hot mentor/love interest, is of course going, too. While they're there, Rose meets Adrian, a Moroi royal with a bad reputation who is charming and enchanting and has an interest in Lissa and the relationship she and Rose have. I WONDER WHY! It all sounds great until Mason, Rose's friend/rebound guy, and a few others leave the resort to track down the Strigoi. Rose can't let her friends fight the Strigoi alone, so she goes after them. BUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END?! Better read the book or listen to our episode to find out! You can also read our summary from the show here.

Here's a recording picture wherein I am squeeing about Adrian and Claire is HARSHLY JUDGING ME. I'm not sure how many times it happened if I'm being honest.

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Okay, enough for now.


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