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From Rogue to Rebel

In this week's episodes of the show, yes there are two, Claire and I talk about Rebel Rising by AND WITH Beth Revis. (Check out the main episode here and the bonus with Beth here.) This is our second episode that matches our monthly book club theme, May the Force Be With You. Have you read any Star Wars books this month?

Rebel Rising tells the story of Jyn Erso between what happens right after she is rescued from the box by Saw Gerrera in Rogue One right up until the action of the movie really starts. We see her grow from a scared, abandoned eight year old to a rogue who doesn't want to choose a side to a rebel in the making who is about to do some serious damage to the Empire. We get to read about her learning how to forge documents, how to fight and how to be a bad ass and all the adventures she has along the way. If you love Rogue One, you definitely need to read this book and learn all about Jyn's life before her work helping to destroy the Death Star. There are some antics with Saw and his rebel friends, a little bit of romance on a planet called Skuhl, and unfortunately, a lot of heartache. But we all know what happens with Jyn... so heartache is to be expected. If you want to know more details, listen to our episode, check out our summary and definitely, definitely read the book!

After you listen to our episode, don't forget to listen to the bonus episode with Beth Revis. Beth is amazing! She got to read the script to Rogue One before it was a thing! She also agrees with us in thinking that getting the sex-talk from Saw Gerrera would be one of the worst things in the galaxy. Here's a recording picture.

We hope you love this book and Beth Revis as much as we do!


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