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Found... Finally!

In this episode, we talk about Found, the last book in the House of Night Other World series by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. We've been sitting on this one for so long and we're finally getting to share it with you! And guess what! There's a bonus episode, too! That's what was holding us up, PC and Kristin are just too dang busy being awesome so we had to reschedule our interview with them and then find a place to put the episode where it made sense, so here we are!

These women are AMAZING. 100% amazing all of the time. I absolutely adore them. Look how cute we are in our recording picture!

This book wraps up the House of Night Other World series as mentioned above and, really, you just need to go read it. It wraps up everything in this spin-off so perfectly and leaves the door wide open for more, which I'm always excited about. We learn what happens in Other Tulsa and with Other Neferet and we're not disappointed in the outcome at all. Everything happened more or less just how I wanted it to and that makes me so happy.

We also learned a little bit about new stuff on the horizon for PC and Kristin including new books they're working on and House of Night short stories you can get by preordering those books! Here's a link to how you can do that.

Please enjoy everything by these authors because they're delightful.


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