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Found Family Is Not Unfamiliar

In our episode this week, Claire and I talked about Unfamiliar by Haley Newsome. This book was so precious and had one of our most favorite things ever in it... Found Family! Everyone knows how much we love a good found family story, which is why the title of this post is found family is not unfamiliar!

This book is about a kitchen witch, Planchette, and her familiar, Winston, and their journey to a new home. When they arrive, they find that their new house is haunted! Together with new friends Pinyon, Babs and Sun, and a grizzled homicide detective Alice, they exorcise the house and create a great new family. Listen to our episode, read the book and check out our summary for all the details!

Here's a picture of us discussing the book. I honestly can't remember what we're clapping about, but it's a pretty cute picture.

Don't forget about our live episode coming up at the end of this month... We'll be live on Friday, July 21 at 5:00 pm CT / 11:00 pm GMT. JOIN US. IT'S GOING TO BE SO GREAT.


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