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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Check out our episode here! Found by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Other Neferet and Other Lynette arrive in Zoey's Tulsa at Woodward Park. Stark and the Sons of Erebus warriors are there adding cameras to watch out for humans leaving things for Neferet, and for Spider-Neferet, pretty Neferet and the middle aged lady from Aphrodite's vision. Stark and the warriors leave and Neferet enshrouds the area with fog to conceal herself while she figures out how to release Spider-Neferet. (Should she be called Goddess Neferet instead of spider? Maybe but no.) Anyway, Other Neferet can't figure out how to open the grotto and feels coldness and pain when she touches the walls. Way to go, Aurox! A group of five human young ladies approach and leave gifts for the goddess, so Other Neferet reveals herself and says she's from a different world there to free Spider Goddess Neferet. The ladies call themselves the Dark Sisters and are humans pretending to be vampyres aligned with the elements. Other Neferet tells them she and her handmaiden need a place to stay so they invite them into their house.

Other Kevin and Other Stark have arrived in the Isle of Skye. Kevin can't handle it and is super freaked out, but Stark is just fine since his family came from Scotland and he is a distant relation to Seoras, just like Zoey's Stark. They tell Queen Sgiach that they want to stop Other Neferet before she can become immortal or release Zoey's Neferet from her grotto. They swear themselves into her service and are allowed to enter her isle. Sgiach talks to Oak who begrudgingly tells her that Neferet has gone into the mirror world but if they want to go, they'll have to pay a higher price than she did. Uh, nope. Sgiach has another way, through the goddess's realm. If Kevin was as connected to Other Aphrodite, may she rest in peace, as she was to him, she should be able to lead them through to Zoey's world. But how do they get there? Other Stark and Other Kevin have to make a sacrifice to the black bull for it to carry them to Nyx's realm. Just like when Zoey's soul was shattered, Stark made the blood payment but will have to sacrifice something important for everything to work properly. Kevin calls spirit to guide them as Seoras cuts Stark. They are carried to darkness by the black bull.

Zoey, Stark, Aphrodite, Damien and Stevie Rae are reviewing the foggy video from earlier. They see the human women talking to someone in the fog but can't see who. Damien asks Air but gets nothing. Zoey asks Water but gets nothing. Stevie Rae suggests they ask Kacie and goes to get her. Kacie arrives and asks Water but feels super weird afterward, maybe because it's the first time she's done anything like that, maybe because she felt like the water was being forced to create the concealing spell. She suggests they cast a spell that will keep vampyres away from the grotto because for some reason they refuse to believe it is Other Neferet and think it could be a high council vampyre, and we all roll our eyes. They plan to circle to cast the spell, but without Shaylin, who is busy in San Francisco dealing with incels, ugh, and Shaunee, who hasn't arrived from New Orleans yet, Kacie stands in for water and will boost Aphrodite who will stand in for fire. After checking that Neferet is still inside, Zoey and the rest create a barrier spell that will keep vampyres away from the grotto. Spirit bison briefly appear and they all know the spell has worked. A human approaches the park, telling Stark and the warriors that she likes to walk in the park after dark because the warriors make her feel safe, but they ask her to leave and come back tomorrow instead. Hmm… who is this human?

At the vapid girls' mansion, Other Neferet takes the best room and gives Lynette the second best, displeasing Vanessa, the owner of the house and leader of the group. Lynette learns everything she can about why and how Spider Goddess Neferet was entombed. She learned everything that happened in Redeemed and told Neferet, even going so far as to tell her the goddess version was crazy. And, you know, that Spider Goddess Neferet murdered that Lynette. Yikes. Other Neferet doesn't care and will return to their world leaving crazy Neferet to be dealt with by Zoey again once she learns the path to immortality. They go to the park again and of course the lady that Stark shooed away was Lynette eavesdropping. She told Neferet about the spell to keep vampyres away. Clever as always, Neferet will use her tendrils of Darkness to break that spell and sacrifice the five vapid girls to release spider goddess Neferet. Neferet calls the sprites to cause an ice storm so they will be hidden at the grotto when they return to set spider goddess Neferet free. She makes the vapid girls watch as she calls the sprites and feeds them her blood. The vapid girls are terrible to Lynette but she manages them with aplomb. Neferet comes back inside from calling the ice storm and puts the bitches in their place for being so shitty to Lynette. She can't sacrifice them fast enough in my opinion.

Other Aphrodite greets Other Kevin and Other Stark in Nyx's realm. She guides them to a portal that will take them where they need to go. She tells Kevin that she will always love him and tells Stark to get over his macho douchiness and get a dog. She also tells Kevin that Aphrodite in Zoey's world already has love and not to be hurt by seeing her. They step through the portal. Meanwhile, in Zoey's Tulsa, the ice storm is becoming an icepocalypse like last year and the power goes out. They don't think they need to send any other guards to the grotto. And they are wrong!

Other Neferet reads all Other Lynette's googled info about spider goddess Neferet killing Lynette and fills with grief, fear and hatred. Oh, so she does care! Neferet will not allow spider goddess Neferet to harm her Lynette, going so far as to offer to imprint with Lynette to keep her safe. Whoa. Of course Lynette is terrified of being killed by spider goddess Neferet and agrees. Neferet drinks her blood and the loneliness the two of them always feel disappears as their friendship grows. Now that Lynette is protected, they all go to the park and use the Dark Sisters as a sacrifice and we all cheer. The tendrils of Darkness gobble them up and go inside the grotto to feed Spider Goddess Neferet until she is strong enough to break herself free. Uh oh.

Amanda is super pleased when Spider Goddess Neferet breaks free and she is as terrifying as she hoped. Her emaciated body is elongated. She's now 6 feet tall with arms and legs that are too long. Her beautiful dark auburn hair is streaked with white, and her darkness tendrils are small leeches instead of big powerful snakelike tendrils. She is really Spider Goddess Neferet! Or maybe closer to Praying Mantis Neferet. It's great though. Oh, and she is completely crazy and refers to herself in the majestic plural. She's fantastic all around. Other Neferet realizes she made a mistake in releasing Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet. She won't help, clearly she's crazy and evil. Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet (this is really too long of a nickname but I also love it) smells Lynette, recognizes her and goes for her. Other Neferet cuts her hand, runs for Lynnette, summons Oak, and they flee to the Otherworld just in time.

Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet sends out her tiny tendrils to find where Other Neferet and Other Lynette have been staying. They find their scent and follow it to the Vapid Villa. Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet talks to herself in a mirror as she takes a bath and plans to take over both worlds, as we all knew she would. She will call the white bull to take her to the Other World. While all this is happening, Aphrodite finally realizes that the lady Stark saw and talked to was Other Lynette, and then they finally realize that Aphrodite saw two Neferets in her vision. Duh! There's a commotion outside and they all run out, thinking it's Neferet, but no! It's Other Kevin and Other Stark! Other Stark is arrogant, of course, and wants Zoey. FFS. Didn't Spirit Aphrodite just talk to you about this? Grandma Redbird decides to refer to Other Stark as James since it's getting confusing and we thank her. Kevin tells Zoey about what happened on Skye and that Sgiach has realized that Oak is angry and mean and something's not right about her, oh, and that they'll lose one day of their life for every day they're here. Perfect. Are we all caught up? Let's go to the grotto.

Kacie says Other Neferet came to learn how to be Immortal, but they all know that Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet will never help anyone, even though they do not know that she is a crazy Spider Mantis YET. They get to the grotto and see the destruction and bones and cloaks from the Dark Sister sacrifice. It's… not pretty. They also see a pool of Other Neferet's blood and search for her. Aphrodite realizes Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet didn't kill Other Lynette and that Other Neferet and Other Lynette went back to their world. They also learn that Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet's darkness killed everyone in an apartment building. Nice. At least it wasn't a church this time? To make all of this craziness even better, Aphrodite has another vision. They are in Kevin's world. Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet is there, though Aphrodite not-so-affectionately refers to her as Batshit, which is not nearly as great as Crazy Spider Mantis Goddess Neferet, but it is less of a mouthful. Batshit is battling Other Kalona. Other Neferet and Other Lynette are terrified and they seem to be on Zoey's side. They run. Batshit kills Other Lynette then slices Other Neferet in half with a staff-like weapon. Then there is darkness and terror everywhere and the nerd herd and all their friends die. Yikes!!!

Clearly they need to make a plan to get to the Other World to stop this vision from coming true. Zoey goes to Nyx's temple to pray, but James goes too and kisses her. Awkward. (Leave her alone! This is not the time nor the place!) He finally learns that the people in this world and the other world are different. James struggles with liking Zoey even though she's not his Zoey (but dude, that Zoey wasn't even your Zoey. You don't have a Zoey.) Luckily he learns to forgive and forget and let go. Then he runs into Kacie and immediately likes her? They go on a date to eat dinner.

At the council meeting to prepare for the final showdown, Grandma Redbird talks about that poem about Kalona from the Other World that was almost exactly like Kramisha's poem about this world's Kalona. Other Kalona is good and never fell from Nyx's side. They decide that Other Neferet is neither foe nor friend, a line from the poem, and that Kacie has to go too as fire and water, also mentioned in the poem. Kacie, with her vague I-know-something-is-going-to-happen pseudo prophetess abilities, knows that the circle is there at the showdown plus Darius and Rephaim. Zoey realizes how to get to the other world by using their own goddess given abilities to open a door, which is fantastic because of the whole Old-Magick-is-terrible thing that's been going on. Lenobia requests that Darius stay to protect the House of Night and Zoey agrees. She and Stevie Rae go to work on creating a spell that will open their Other World door. James and Kacie get on well and Aphrodite and Kevin are left awkwardly together. They talk which helps heal Kevin's broken heart. Thank goodness.

While the Nerd Herd is making their plans, Batshit is planning things herself. She is going to call sprites to learn things. She sacrifices the one warrior left at the grotto, several sprites show up, and Oak tells her everything she wants to know about the Other World. Another sprite is there in the background but she didn't participate in Oak's divulging of all the important information. Wee Denise! At the same time, Other Neferet and Other Lynette are talking about buying an island and ruling it to escape all this terribleness. After they help defeat Batshit, they will retreat there and live peacefully. It sounds delightful. Neferet then gives an offering to Wee Denise because she misses her friend and feels bad that she died for nothing. Wee Denise arrives and tells her that Batshit is coming for them and that she is the friend or foe part of the poem they found to release Other Kalona.

Zoey talks to Sgiach and learns that Old Magick can change you, but not always negatively. Maybe that's what is happening to Other Neferet! Sgiach tells them they have to go to the Other World soon to stop what is happening. She invites Zoey and all her friends to come to her island when everything is over. She's going to open it up again! Zoey and everyone going to the Other World walk to the spot by the east wall tree. All the students are there cheering them on. Grandma Redbird gives each of them a power bracelet. Zoey invokes the most powerful form of each element and opens a starry rainbow door to the other world. Anastasia greets them as they arrive. Other Kevin and James wait until they leave to call Spirit Aphrodite to take them back.

Batshit and her tiny darkness tendrils drink a bunch of people and call the white bull by burning the bones of humans and vampyres. Yeesh. He appears and takes her to the Other World. He gifts her a staff with two blades at the end representing her rule of two worlds (we know this staff!) and leaves. She arrives in the Other World depot tunnels and finds Other Dallas and several other vampyres who long for war. They go to find the guns that Other Neferet had been gathering and prepare for battle.

The Zoey group has a giant council meeting then split up to prepare. Kevin runs into Other Shaunee who is trying to light a candle because she is upset about Erin being a hobag with Dallas who is, and I quote, a "bag of balls." Kevin tells her that she has an affinity for fire and she lights the candle with it. They get along very well and have dinner together. They all meet again in Anastasia's office. Kevin comes in late with Shaunee and announces that she has an affinity for fire. They are all pleased. Then Other Neferet and Lynette burst in! Neferet tells them all to calm down because they want the same thing. To kill Batshit. And that they have to free Kalona to do it. And she has to be a part of that. And that she's going to leave them all alone when it's over. And now, it's time!

They cast a circle similar to the one that released Kalona the first time. Neferet is impressed, but then Stark shoots her with an arrow! Yikes! Don't worry, this is not an elaborate plan to kill her, but it is to do the same thing that happened the first time they cast this circle, way way back when Stark was still without his humanity and he almost killed Stevie Rae. Neferet is hurt and angry, but Zoey promises to keep her safe. Lynette is also hurt by their imprint, but she'll also be okay. When the circle is finished, instead of the tree on the east wall of campus dying when Kalona comes out like it did the first time, it blooms. They catch Other Kalona up on everything and he prepares for battle. Then Batshit, renamed The Monstress by Other Neferet (yes, best nickname), comes with her army. They use the guns Other Neferet had hidden in the field house and are winning the battle. Other Neferet calls her tendrils who now have beautiful golden eyes to fight The Monstress's tendrils. Kalona and the Monstress fight and are evenly matched. Aphrodite realizes that the circle is there to protect Lynette so that Neferet can battle The Monstress. They vow to keep Lynette safe for High Priestess Neferet, which they're all calling her now because she has been forgiven by Nyx, and she joins the fight. Just like when Stark had to fight his shadow self in Nyx's world when Zoey was shattered, Neferet faces her shadow self and gets her to admit that she's tired and wants everything to be over. Then she stabs The Monstress with her own dual staff given to her by the White Bull. The Monstress pulls Neferet onto the other side of the spear to kill her. Kalona takes her away to safety as she is dying. Oh no. We're all upset about Neferet dying!

But wait! Aphrodite runs to them and grants Neferet another chance. Then Nyx joins them! She grants almost all of them with lovely gifts. She resets the soldiers of The Monstress's army as children again. She changes Other Shaunee into a fully fledged vampyre. She tells Rephaim he has paid penance enough and grants him a full red vampyre mark so he and Stevie Rae can be together for a long long time. She tells Kevin she is proud of him and James, too. She gives Kacie the choice to stay in that world with James as its prophetess. Finally she goes to Neferet. She resets her and makes her Emily Wheeler again with a fledgling mark. Emily is joyful and she wants to go home but she doesn't know where that is. They all tell her she is home, at the House of Night. Then Nyx makes Lynette a vampyre, too, so they can be together forever. The next day, Zoey, Aphrodite, Stevie Rae, Rephaim, Damien and Stark are about to go home when Kevin calls Zoey over. He takes her away to be greeted by Other Heath. They part as friends, though not before kissing. Anastasia asks them to come back and visit and suggests that they use their affinities to open the door again. But then, Emily says she wishes she could help them go back and forth in an easier way and... Wee Denise appears! She answers Emily's call to help freely because in addition to resetting her life, Nyx also gave Emily an affinity for Old Magick. The end. For now.

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