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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Check out our episode here! (features Loved, Lost and Forgotten)

Forgotten by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

In the beginning, we have a creation myth about the worlds being created and mother earth gifting Nyx with the power of the elements. She gifts her favorite daughter two companions: Kalona, formed from the earth and the moon to be her lover, and Erebus, formed from the earth and the sun to be her friend. We know from the original series that Kalona became jealous of his brother and was cast out of Nyx's realm and had to atone and die to get back to her. But what if that didn't happen?

Other Erebus wants to tell Other Kalona about what happened the night that he saw them together and his jealousy developed, but Nyx made them swear an oath never to speak of that night. She can't bear the thought of the vampyres learning how they were created. Now Erebus wants to break that oath to save his brother and his goddess. And so he does. He reveals that when Kalona saw the two of them together, they were talking about him. Erebus then gifts some of his joy to his brother and his jealousy evaporates. They make a vow to not allow anger to win. They go to visit Nyx and they're all happy for centuries, but then loneliness and despair overcome Erebus. Kalona calls to their earth mother and makes a sacrifice to her to create an immortal mate for his brother. She drains his life energy and tells him he must rest in the earth until a prophecy is fulfilled. As he is sinking below the earth in what will become Tulsa, Oklahoma, he sees his brother's mate taking form. A beautiful man steps forth and the earth mother names him Eros.

Back in present day Other Tulsa, Other Neferet escapes the football game on her tendrils of Darkness and goes to a bar and kills people there. Stirred by this chaos, the white bull arrives. He tells her how to become immortal and that he will become her consort. She is pretty disgusted by the thought of being this bull's consort, unlike Zoey's Neferet, and so she tells him that she is not worthy of him until she is immortal. She will go to Skye as he told her, become immortal, then they can be together. She immediately goes to the House of Night's airport and is greeted by Other Lynette who becomes Other Neferet's assistant, then her handmaiden. She is very impressive. She knows who is in charge and what to do to survive. She made it clear that no one is to know Neferet is there, but the pilot tells a crew member with a crush on her. She has her Darkness kill them both. She and Lynette will fly to Scotland and stay in a bed and breakfast Lynette just rented for a month. I want to do that.

Other Kevin wakes up, not doing well after Other Aphrodite's death. Other Heath comes to visit him at the House of Night. He saw Zoey and asks Kevin if she was a ghost. Kevin tells him the truth about Zoey and then Heath leaves. Kevin goes to a high council meeting led by the new high priestess of the House of Night, Anastasia, and its new swordmaster, Dragon. They talk about the red fledgings constantly killing themselves and try to figure out how to stop them and about the other unease at the school. They know that Neferet is after immortality but they're always one step behind. Speaking of… Other Lynnette and Other Neferet arrive at their bed and breakfast in Scotland just on the other side of the loch from the isle of Skye. Neferet begins courting the sprites that live in the loch and makes an offering to them.

Other Kevin talks about Kalona and how Zoey's Neferet became a Tsi Sgili and how their Neferet doesn't know about that way to immortality. Grandma shows up with Kramisha's Kalona-releasing poem that Zoey gave her and a poem and drawing left by Grandma's great grandma. Kramisha's poem from Zoey's world is more negative than Grandma's poem. And that's because this Kalona was given joy and sacrificed himself for his brother's love. They decide that they don't need Kalona until Neferet becomes immortal. But they do need to deal with Loren Blake, who was on the high council until just recently when he was removed by Anastasia for clearly being too into Neferet. They decide to send him to the high council of all high councils... coach. They plan to let red fledglings attend classes and work to make all vampyre life better.

Other Grandma teaches Kevin and Other Stark that they will love again and they shouldn't be so obsessed with the loves that they have lost. Grandma smudges Kevin and tells him it's okay and important to cry.

Other Lynnette and Other Neferet and the ladies running the bed and breakfast, Wee Denise especially, bond during their time there. Neferet goes out each night making offerings to the sprites around the loch. She will have to prepare a special sacrifice for the last night, but for now is leaving things like bowls of chocolate and scotch and seashells for the sprites. Lynette tells Neferet that she's laughing like when she was 16, only meaning that she seems youthful and joyful. Neferet did not have a happy childhood. She was raped, not by her father as Zoey's Neferet was, but by the man she was betrothed to. She was Marked the same night and returned to him later, strangling him with a strand of pearls. Lynette was also raped by any man her mother wanted to keep around. After they bond through these stories, Lynette teaches Neferet to skip rocks. Then Lynette shows Neferet screenshots of deleted twitter posts about Zoey the Ghost (did Heath start these posts?). They keep popping up and being deleted over and over again. Neferet tells Lynette about killing Zoey and that the ghost is no ghost, but some girl pretending to be Zoey. It could be a spell, but probably not. Whoever it was, they knew a lot about her but not at the same time.

Back in Zoey's world, she, Stevie Rae and Aphrodite are getting on a school bus. They are taking some House of Night students to a swim meet. A kid named Kacie, who Aphrodite calls Ice Cream Shoes, transferred to the Tulsa House of Night when Stevie Rae moved back. Kacie is a fast swimmer. Aphrodite jokes that Kacie gets a second chance after she drops a file and then picks up everything again, but then feels weird afterward. They get to the swim meet and feel uncomfortable because people are ignorant and will probably treat them differently. During the meet, Kacie, the anchor of their team, begins to act strangely. She jumps into the pool and starts her laps, but then starts coughing up blood. Stevie Rae jumps in for her while Zoey takes control of the crowd. Aphrodite and Jack get everyone out of the pool. Kacie is dying. Zoey calls water and fire to shield Kacie and Stevie Rae with steam, then calls spirit to fill Kacie. They hold her as she dies. Aphrodite knew that her joking comment about giving Kacie a second chance meant that she was going to die and come back as a red fledgling. She also knew that part of her mark disappeared when she said it. And that's exactly what happened. Kacie woke up a mere 8 hours later a fully changed red vampyre with an affinity for both fire and water, knowing that Aphrodite gave her a second chance and feeling that something big and terrible was coming. Ahh hell.

Speaking of big and terrible… Other Neferet is making her final offering to the sprites and asks them to appear. Oak and some others show up. Neferet asks for a task to earn secret entrance to the Isle of Skye and tells Oak that she wants to learn about sprites and old Magick and she will let more people learn about them too once she takes over the isle. Oak sets her a task to kill her past and future. That's puzzling. She and Lynette try to figure out that riddle. Lynette tells Neferet that she enjoys their time together and Neferet says she'll have a special place in her council and be with her for a long time. Lynette says she'd kill her three ex husbands if she had to kill her past, which inspires Neferet to kill a lover from her time at the House of Night. Loren Blake! (And we all cheer!) Lynette searches for him on the internet and sees that he's been dismissed from his position of poet laureate at the house of night and they plan to lure him to London to kill him. Wee Denise comes in to hear them planning to kill Loren with poison and offers to get her some. She then swears herself into Neferet's service.

Other Kevin and Other Dallas talk. Dallas wants the war to keep going. He's having a party and is just as awful as the one from the original series. Other Erin and Other Shaunee come by to go to the party. Erin is just as slutty and terrible as Zoey's Erin and Shaunee apologizes for being awful. Kevin is called to the media center and receives notification that Loren Blake made a terrible Instagram post and is probably going to meet with Neferet. With the rest of the council, they decide that Loren knew about Zoey coming from another world with an immortal Neferet who she trapped. Uh oh. Kevin knows he's going to have to go back to Zoey's world and Other Stark says he's going too.

Loren arrives in Neferet's hotel suite. He complains about how much attention they're paying to Zoey and that she came from a mirror world. He tells her all about Zoey and Kevin and Immortal Neferet being walled up in a tomb in Woodward Park. She tells him about trying to become Immortal and thinks why doesn't she just go to that Tulsa and ask that Neferet how she became immortal? He mentions that the sprites and old Magick are how Zoey traveled between worlds. They begin to make love and then Neferet stabs him, drinks his blood and bites out his throat. She leaves him in the hotel room to die. She rides the elevator down, removing her hat and sunglasses and says to the cameras, good luck finding me, I'll be in another world. She and Lynette celebrate at a restaurant and plan to travel to the mirror world. Lynette starts freaking out because it's her credit card that was used to book the room but Neferet assures her she'll be safe, she'll always take care of her because Lynette gives her her humanity. They'll go to the other world together.

Other Kevin and Other Stark find out that Loren is dead, but the crime scene photos show that as he was dying, Loren wrote Skye in his blood. Kevin and Stark plan to go to the Isle of Skye immediately to stop Neferet from going to Zoey's world. In Zoey's world, Aphrodite gets a vision of someone dying, a woman in her mid 40s, outside of their world's Woodward Park grotto. Neferet is there, but flickers between a scary spider-Neferet and a beautiful one. Then darkness covers Tulsa.

Other Neferet and Other Lynette go back to their bed and breakfast. Neferet is planning to go to the other world immediately. She gives gifts to the three ladies that have been serving her. She calls Oak and the sprites and Oak is surprised to see her even though she's only killed her past and has not completed her tasks. Neferet tells Oak that she's given up her new life and wants to do something else. This counts as killing her future, so she opens a path to Skye. Neferet tells her she doesn't want to go there anymore but wants to go to the world where Zoey lives and Kevin travels. Oak requires a great sacrifice to open this path… Neferet's only friend, Lynette. Neferet refuses because she needs Lynette. Wee Denise offers herself as sacrifice and in doing so becomes a sprite. Oak opens the door to the other world.

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