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Finally Finale

In this episode of Fictional Hangover, we discuss Finale by Stephanie Garber.

It's no secret that this is not my favorite series. I loved the first one, Caraval. The idea was magnificent, the characters were a little shaky but mostly likable, the world-building was rich and colorful, there was a love triangle but it was small, the smallest triangle with one vanishing angle. Then Legendary came along and the story took a turn. POV shift, which is fine, but also a whole brand new storyline that was loosely attached to the first one that added in WAY TOO MUCH extra stuff, tons of new characters, a new magic system that wasn't explained (well, none of the magic was explained), and another love triangle, plus the first one that is getting its angle added back in. Then Finale. Even more new stuff, so much that I think maybe bits of it were forgotten or left behind. So many new characters that were mentioned when describing costumes in Legendary are now popping up with powers. Magical items and magical places, which were interesting, but it was way too much. And now a third love triangle! And... time travel?

Look, I know I don't usually give so much away, but it's not like just a ton of people even read this anyway. I'm still not going to tell you what exactly happens, but know that everyone is saved by love and a deus ex machina.

Here's our recording picture.

Up next is our Summer of Harry Potter, which I'm way more excited about than this series.

Accio HP!


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