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Fannies and Nipples

In this episode, we talk about Silver Shadows, the penultimate book in the Bloodlines series, by Richelle Mead. We can't believe we're nearly finished with this series! We're so sad, and are definitely going to have to find another vampire series to read next year. We can't not. We must have all vampires all the time!

Anyway... in Silver Shadows, ♩♫Adrian♫♩ and Sydney are separated, not by choice of course, but if you'll remember, at the end of The Fiery Heart, Sydney was kidnapped by the Alchemists and taken to a reeducation facility. While she's locked away, Adrian suffers and falls back into his old ways of drinking and depression. Luckily, they finally find each other again and run off to Vegas to hide from the Alchemists, but unfortunately, they are followed. Time and again, the Alchemists show up and try to recapture Sydney. Adrian has a plan that he thinks will solve all their problems... a Vegas wedding! Does it help? Read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

(As we so often do on Fictional Hangover, Claire and I laughed way too much about an insignificant thing and this time, we did it a bunch. Please listen to the episode to enjoy our discussion about fanny packs and why they're called bum bags in the UK and also how I thought Claire said she was going to nipple the border and go to Mexico. Add in all the fire talk and... really... it was too much.)

Here's a picture of us laughing about one of those things, I'm sure.

Probably the nipples...


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