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Epilogue, 7 Episodes Later

So we're finally finished with our Summer of Harry Potter. Thanks so much for listening to us blather on about The Boy Who Lived for eight episodes. We had fun. Did you? In this episode, we wrap up our summer with a discussion of the series as a whole and we bring back a game that we played in our earliest episodes. Do you remember that? I feel like I said summer and episode entirely too much in that paragraph.

We discussed our favorite favorite characters and moments in the series in this wrap-up and discovered some new things as well. We also asked you guys for wild theories and unanswered questions and our favorite listener, Claire, had plenty to ask. I think I'll do an entire post dedicated to her answers, and probably she'll be the only one who reads it. Oh well, that one's for you, Claire!

Here's our recording picture this time. You can't tell really, but we're wearing our Slytherin shirts to be twinsies. We're cute.

Be sure to join us next week as we escape from Hogwarts and discuss Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.

Until then...


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