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Dungeon or Refrigerator?

This episode of the show really gave us the giggles. In it, we talk about Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron. It's such a good book! It's got a little bit of everything... romance, intrigue, dungeon lockpicking, badass females smashing the fairytale patriarchy, some literal soul-sucking, a pair of pants with nice pockets, a dash of necromancy... really, you need to read it. Though it does feature a delightfully sarcastic main character, it's not a humorous book, but we crack ourselves up in the episode like we always do.

So what happens in this book? Sophia lives in the same town that Cinderella did 200 years ago. The girls in the town have to live their lives by the palace-approved story of Cinderella. They have to keep a copy of it at all times and recite it every day. They must attend the ball to be chosen by a husband and if they're not chosen by a man, their lives are considered forfeit. YIKES. Sophia doesn't want to be chosen by any man, so she runs away from the ball, which is forbidden. The King wants to get her back to punish her, but she escapes and meets the last living descendant of Cinderella's family, Constance. They run off in search of a way to stop the evil king's rule, and they find it... in a witch's house in the middle of the forest. The witch though? She's the Fairy Godmother. Together, they return to the palace to end things once and for all. You can read our full summary here.

Here's a picture of us during recording. I can't remember what we were talking about, but it might have involved being thrown into the dungeon of the palace that the king uses as his personal refrigerator. You can take that however you need to.

GO CLEAN OUT YOUR CRISPER, RIGHT NOW. (If you know, you know.) Amanda

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