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Check out our episode here! (featuring Burned, Awakened and Destined) Destined by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Zoey has just woken up from seeing her mother entering the Otherworld. Her seer stone that she got from Queen Sgiach is warm on her chest, so she looks through it to see odd shadows around Stark. She calls spirit to soothe him and then they have more sex and go back to sleep. Meanwhile, Aurox and Neferet are out on the town driving a car and murdering people all in the name of chaos, after all, that’s what the White Bull said Aurox was created for. To make chaos. Neferet plans to use this chaos to become the new Vampyre Goddess instead of Nyx.

Zoey and crew are taken to school on a bus that disgusts nearly everyone and they make several inappropriate comments about the bus and what it means to ride a bus to a school in a different location and upon arrival, Zoey skypes Duantia, the new Vampire High Priestess after Neferet murdered that last one, Shekinah, a few books ago/a week or so ago? Zoey makes a formal request to start a new House of Night in the tunnels and to be named its Queen. For now, the red fledglings and the rest of the nerd herd are to be bussed in to attend classes at the original House of Night, but they are allowed to live off-campus under the tunnels. Stevie Rae becomes their High Priestess and Zoey’s decision to name herself queen is put off until Duantia can have a discussion with the rest of the high council. Neferet takes this time to say that if she has to have outsiders at school then she’s going to hire humans to work there as well.

Outside of this meeting, Rephaim is visited by some of his remaining raven mocker brothers. They came with a message from Kalona who wants Rephaim to be his spy and Rephaim turns them down. Dragon shows up then to attack the raven mockers and then Neferet calls her gift from the Goddess (haha, yeah), Aurox, who shifts halfway into a bull and kills one of them. Stevie Rae stops Aurox from attacking Rephaim. After being reprimanded by Neferet like the child that she is, Zoey and her friends talk about the white boy becoming a white bull and they realize just what Aurox is.

Erik is around while the Aurox and raven mocker thing is happening, but instead of going to help, he is compelled by his new Tracker abilities, (because, oh yeah, he became a Tracker vampyre, remember? one who Marks new fledglings), so, he’s been compelled to go Mark a new student. He meets a blind girl named Shaylin and Marks her as a fledgling, but her Mark isn’t blue, it’s red, so he assumes he messed up. Shaylin is given True Sight by Nyx, meaning she can see auras around people, and also, hey, she can see again! Erik takes her to Stevie Rae…. Back at school, Grandma Redbird shows up to tell Zoey about her mother’s death and then leaves for a seven-day mourning period. Zoey is upset and runs away to be by herself and cry, which is totally fine, and Aurox comes up and gives her a tissue, something that Heath used to do all the time. And great... Zoey kind of realizes that Aurox is Heath now. Just what we all want. Heath to come back.

There’s a bit around here with Lenobia and the human cowboy assistant Neferet hired to work at the school. His name is Travis and Lenobia might like him. He reminds her of her former mate. There are also other humans at the House of Night, like gardeners and workers who leave trash around. Neferet love the chaos this causes. She wants to cause more chaos, so she and Aurox find the few rogue red fledglings that are left and invite them to come back to school, too. And now that we’re back at school again, some other things happen. Kalona stops by for a visit and offers a truce to Rephaim and Zoey in which he will side with them against Neferet. Also, Thanatos has been sent from the High Council to keep an eye on Neferet and also teach some new classes. One in particular that all the students involved in all the terribleness that has happened so far in almost nine books have to attend. During her time with Thanatos and in and around her classes, Zoey tells her all about Neferet’s evil and her suspicions about what she’s up to and so she offers to perform a reveal ritual to see just how Zoey’s mother died.

In addition to this ritual, other things are going on around Zoey and her group. Kalona stops by to see Rephaim and Shaunee gives him a phone to use to call him instead of forcing him to lurk around until Rephaim shows up. He talks to Shaunee about Aurox and how he was created using a human sacrifice, which they all decide was Zoey’s mother. This will be revealed during the ritual with Thanatos. Shaunee tells everyone about talking to Kalona. She knows what it’s like to have troubles with your father, so she and Rephaim are able to support each other. This creates a divide between Shaunee and Erin, who until this point, have been Twins. Erin doesn’t understand what’s going on and begins to remove herself from the group. Kramisha and Aphrodite have received some prophecies that show Rephaim being killed at the reveal ritual by Dragon, so Thanatos asks him to stay behind. Obviously this makes him angry so he goes anyway.

Neferet finds out about the reveal ritual and knows that if it is completed, it will show what everyone already knows her to be up to. She sends Aurox to disrupt the ritual and kill Rephaim, which he doesn’t really want to do, but Neferet has sent some of her tendrils of Darkness to make sure he does what she wants him to do. He charges out in his bull form, and Dragon shows up and sacrifices himself to stop Aurox from killing Rephaim. Still, the ritual goes on. They are all forced to watch Zoey’s mother being sacrificed by Neferet to the White Bull of Darkness. Thanatos knows that Neferet is evil. Aurox is still under her control until Stevie Rae stops him with her Earth powers. He yells to Zoey that he has chosen another path, but he still can’t control himself and charges toward Zoey. She sees Heath with her seer stone and believes that Heathrox, will not hurt her. And he doesn’t. He did hurt Rephaim quite a bit though. Which is why…

Kalona appears! Actually, Stevie Rae called him, but whatever. He’s here now and has realized that Rephaim haas been punished by Nyx. Kalona didn’t know that he was only human half the time. Anyway, he asks Nyx to save his son and his tears heal his wound and he wakes up like nothing bad ever happened. Kalona tells Thanatos that Neferet is evil and she agrees and says that Neferet will be shunned by the council and that she will take over as the new High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night. Kalona swears himself into her service, and then Nyx appears and tells them all to be prepared for the next battle.

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