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Definitely Don't Remember This One

In this week's episode, Claire and I talk about Definitely Dead, Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire/True Blood book six, by Charlaine Harris. We kind of don't remember reading this one, but we definitely enjoyed it.

After tending to some things around Bon Temps (a kid that may or may not be kidnapped or murdered, calling the mysterious supernatural doctor about a miscarriage, dealing with a priest about Freakin' Debbie Pelt, going on a date with a handsome tiger and being attacked by wolfboys, Sookie goes to New Orleans to sort through her deceased cousin Hadley's belongings and gets tangled up with the Vampire Queen of Louisiana's affairs. She learns that the Queen needs her help to find a bracelet that her cousin may or may not have stolen before she was murdered. That might sound simple enough, but then Sookie and her tiger are kidnapped by werewolves and escape into the swamp. It's a big deal and yet... Claire and I don't seem to recall reading it at all... It was very good though, so we recommend that you read it to get the rest of the story, or read our summary, then listen to our episode.

Here's a recording picture for the week. I'm sure we were doing something perfectly normal and not at all ridiculous.

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