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Club MAN

It's vampire time again!! (Seriously, when is it not vampire time for Fictional Hangover?)

This week's episode is about Club Dead, book three of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire/True Blood series and things are starting to heat up.

In this book, Sookie has to go to Mississippi to search for Bill who may have been kidnapped. She's escorted there by Alcide, a handsome, manly werewolf man, whom Sookie kind of immediately has a crush on. But she's still kind of with Bill. Except maybe he kind of left her for another woman. And also Alcide is kind of hot. Forget that. He's really hot, and also a big, strong man. (Please listen to our episode to discover what we think about this Man situation.) Anyway, Sookie and Alcide, directed by Eric, have to investigate the mansion of the King of Mississippi to see if Bill really is there. Is he? And does Sookie ever even want to see him again if he is? Read the book, listen to our episode and read our summary to find out!

Remember that you can WATCH this episode if you join our Patreon. Any tier, even our $1 one, will give you access to our Vampire Book Club books, which this year happen to all be these Sookie books. If you join Patreon, you'll be able to watch these videos before the episode is released so you can join in on our Vampire Book Club chats on Zoom. We always have a ton of fun! We hope to see you there the last Tuesday of every month! You might've missed out this time, but we still have nine more months to go!

This episode image is Claire pointing out that YOU, yes YOU need to join our Patreon and me being startled that you haven't joined us yet. (That's a lie, we're just being ridiculous like always, but it's fun to pretend we were doing something for a reason.)

Until next time,


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