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Class S for Softie

In our episodes this week, that's right, there are two!, Claire and I talk about Teen Killers In Love by AND WITH Lily Sparks.

In our main episode, we summarize and discuss the book, as per usual, and talk about haunted house cosplay, how internet best friends are better than selfish backstabbing idiots, Class Q for cutie and Class S for softie, and provable bullshit, which are all 100% relatable things to the book.

In our bonus episode, we play Would You Rather with Lily Sparks and then talk about manifesting a wig room, creepy guy conversations, killing a sister and stealing her shoes, and snapping a rubber band, which, again, are all completely relevant to the book... kind of... most of it...

Okay, so maybe not.

In this book, Signal and Erik are on the run from the Teen Killers Club and are trying to prove that Signal is innocent of killing her best friend, Rose. Erik is also trying to prove that not all Class As are terrible, especially him... because if Signal is a Class A and is good... can't he be good, too? We think so. In fact, we've given them each a new classification. Signal is a Class S softie and Erik is a Class Q cutie. Yes, we know that cutie doesn't being with Q, but it sounds like it does... Anyway, listen to our episode, read the book, and check out our summary and tell us if you agree!

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