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Can You Handle It?

This week's episode about Glory O'Brien's History of the Future was surprising in more ways than one. It took a much more emotional turn than I ever thought it would AND the author joined us AFTER we recorded, so we had to rerecord the WYR bit and add that in. BUT OH MY GOSH. THE AUTHOR JOINED US. A.S. King is amazing. She's down to earth. She doesn't put up with any shit. None. None at all. And she really likes Eton Mess. That's a dessert. You should click that link and look at it. I'd eat it.

Here's part of the summary from A.S. King's website:

Graduating from high school is a time of limitless possibilities—but not for Glory, who has no plan for what's next. Her mother committed suicide when Glory was only four years old, and she’s never stopped wondering if she will eventually go the same way...until a transformative night when she begins to experience an astonishing new power to see a person’s infinite past and future. From ancient ancestors to many generations forward, Glory is bombarded with visions—and what she sees ahead of her is terrifying.

Claire and I reached a new level of friendship during this episode, too. It was really amazing all the way around.

Here's a recording picture with A.S. King.

Okay, it's time for me to go and drink a bat.

Don't understand? Better read the book or listen to our episode.


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