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By Bast's Spectacular Nipples

This week, Claire and I talk about Spells Trouble by AND WITH PC Cast and Kristin Cast. That's right, there's a regular episode and a bonus episode. We love PC and Kristin so much and always find them to be an absolute pleasure when they join in on our episodes. Their newest book is all about twin witches, gates to the underworld, gods and goddesses of various mythologies and a cat person named Xena, which is why the title of this post features Bast's nipples. Xena, the cat person, is one of the best characters ever written in any book ever and we'll fight anyone who disagrees.

The book is the first in a new trilogy called Sisters of Salem. The sisters are Hunter and Mercy and together with their friends Jax and Emily, they have to figure out how to close the gates to the underworld that have opened in their small town and unleashed horrible monsters that enjoy killing people. The mix of different mythologies and witchcraft is so much fun, so you should definitely go read this book right now. You can of course also listen to our episode and read our summary, but really, the book is better.

Here's a picture from our recording with PC and Kristin. Kristin didn't have her camera on, so enjoy this shot of me, Claire and PC.

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