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Bubba and Dollies

In our latest episode, Claire and I talk about Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. This is book 11 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood/Southern Vampire series, so we're very nearly at the end! We think Charlaine was ready and, to be quite honest, we're kinda ready for the end, too. You can't tell in our picture for this week, though!

Don't you love our little dollie versions? Claire's mum made them for us for my birthday and we love them very much. You know what else we love? Bubba/Elvis the vampire! He played a pretty big role in this book. But what else happened?

The main plot points this time feature Sookie once again being targeted by Sandra Pelt and also Victor, Eric's nemesis, being terrible to everyone. We're none too surprised by these things, but we are pleased that they probably come to an end in this book? Some other things may or may not come to an end, too, but you'll have to read the book, check out our summary and listen to our episode for all the details. Just know that Bubba was very important!

We've only got two more of these books to go and we can't wait to start a new vampire book club theme for next year! Don't forget that you can join in on the Vampire Book Club discussion the last Tuesday of every month. See our Facebook for details!

Until next time!


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