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Bread and Jake Abel

In this episode, we talk about The Host by Stephenie Meyer, the book and the movie. And by that, I mean that we talk a lot about the vast amounts of bread eaten in the book and how much we like Jake Abel in the movie.

We might joke, but we both really like this book a lot and included it in our schedule because it fits in with our monthly book club challenge theme: We Want More! Read a stand-alone book or incomplete series that desperately needs another installment. What book or series are you reading to fulfill the challenge this month? Tell us over in our book club group on Facebook!

If you haven't read the book or watched the movie, this one's about tiny aliens that take over the dominant species on planets. They've come to earth and have taken over just about all the humans on the planet. Usually, when an alien is inserted into a human's brain, the human's consciousness will fade away and the alien will take over; however, that's not always the case. Melanie Stryder is one of those humans that just won't go away, and she convinces the alien living in her head, Wanderer, that maybe all humans aren't so bad. Together they find a group of humans and try to peacefully cohabitate with them. It's not easy, but it works out okay for most part. But the rest of the aliens, one Seeker in particular, do not approve of this and of course try to stop it. If you'd like to read our full summary, you can do that here!

Here's a recording picture. This week, because we did not mention the DKC, went perfectly well. No failed internet, no missing Zoom videos... just the normal soul-crushing amount of construction noise. We're so happy, we're dancing about it. (That's not really what we're dancing about, but whatever.)

That's all for now!

If you even read this, please make a post on our social media including something about buttery bread.


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