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Bloodlines and Birds

It's time for more Vampire Academy! Or, kind of... We're on to Bloodlines now, the first book in the Vampire Academy spinoff series by Richelle Mead. AND WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT IT.

Something else we're excited about, or at least I, Amanda, am excited about? MOVING! You might notice that the audio quality of this episode is subpar and slightly echoey and, well, it's because I have literally nothing but boxes in my apartment. It really made the construction noises and sirens more prominent, too. There's only one more episode recorded in this apartment and then I'll be in another apartment in another state and hopefully it will be quieter. Only time will tell.

Anyway, let's talk about Bloodlines! It starts out with Sydney Sage, Alchemist, getting a new assignment. We last saw her on the run with Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov, helping them solve a murder and stay hidden from all the other vampires who thought Rose killed their Queen. Normally Alchemists just go on vampire cleanup duty, you know, destroying the bodies of Strigoi killed by Guardians using alchemical chemicals (is that even right?) but Sydney seems to get the special cases. This time, she has to go back to high school and watch over Jill Mastrano. That honestly seems more like a punishment than a work assignment, but Sydney will make the best of it. Surely nothing terrible will happen, right? RIGHT? Better read the book, read our summary and listen to our episode to find out!

Here are a few recording pictures. Since there's nothing in my apartment, I decided to add a zoom bird to make my video and pictures more exciting. Bird kind of took over the episode, and really, it's okay. Claire had a lot of fun making these pictures, so I had to add them to the blog.

Don't worry everyone, Bird will be back in the next episode, too.

Until then,


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