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Biffing the Future

Claire and I recorded our episode LIVE this week after we were both away for a few days on vacation. (Not a together vacation, unfortunately, but separate vacations. One day... One day...) We discussed the short story The Girl and The Machine by Beth Revis. Read it online for free!

This is a time traveling tale of revenge and it's terrible but great. You never want the catalyst of the story to happen to you or anyone you love, but it ended perfectly! In our discussion, we talk a lot about Biff Tannen and what we would do if we could time travel. What would you do?

Here's an image from our video, but you can go watch the whole thing if you want to! If you enjoy watching us, join our Patreon Bonus! tier and watch the rest of them, too!

I think the next time we go live, we'll be on YouTube. Is that better or worse?

Until next TIME,


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