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Beware the Shush Monster

In our most recent episode of the show, Claire and I talk about Here There Are Monsters by AND WITH Amelinda Bérubé. That's right! There's a bonus episode this time! We really enjoyed this twisty book and love Amelinda. She's a part of the family now whether she likes it or not!

So what's this book about? Skye has always been the protector of her younger sister, Deirdre. Deirdre's weird and a little eerie and often dirty. She'd rather build monsters out of sticks and bones and create her own imaginary kingdoms than interact with anyone at school, so she quite obviously gets made fun of and big sister has to step up to keep the bullies at bay. Deirdre's thirteen now and Skye really wants to have her own life and her own friends, but then Deirdre disappears. Skye once again has to become the protector she's tired of being to find her sister in the woods that just so happen to be full of LITERAL MONSTERS, one of which creeps out from behind a tree, makes a shushing motion with its fingers MADE OF RIBS and slinks away. This creature is obviously my favorite on account of all the horror involved. He was dubbed the Shush Monster and you should definitely be wary of him. Be sure to listen to our episodes, read the book and check out our summary for all the gruesome details!

Here's a recording picture featuring the awesome Amelinda! We were talking about monsters tapping on windows. We had so much fun chatting with her and can't wait to force her, I mean, ask her nicely, to come back when her next book comes out. IT'S ABOUT VAMPIRES. How could we possibly love her more? Definitely listen to this bonus episode!

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