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Beware the Evil Lightbulb

In this episode, we talk about Animal Crossing, Indiana Jones and What We Do In the Shadows way too much. Oh, and Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw. We talk about that a little bit, too.

Strange Practice is about Dr. Greta (Van) Helsing and her medical practice for the living impaired. She is a doctor of vampires, mummies, ghouls and more, and if you, like me, think that's delightful enough on its own, just wait. There's more! She and her friends, a vampire, a vampyre, some sort of demon and a museum curator, are attacked by evil-lightbulb-possessed monks! They must work together to find and destroy this evil lightbulb before it's too late!

So the book is way better than that cheesy description, but come on, that cheesy description was pretty good. You've got to admit that the evil lightbulb by itself makes you want to read this book. So you should! But also listen to the episode. Also, maybe read the book instead of listening to it. It wasn't our favorite audiobook of all time.

Here are some pictures of us playing with toys before we started recording.

Do you like my doll? (Not Tingle, the other one. Of course you like Tingle.) My doll is called Duke Fudgems and he was created to be the mascot for the knock-off Count Chocula cereal my husband Jacob and I dreamed up around 2005 or 2006. We weren't married yet at that time but we already made a great team, clearly, as you can see by the doll. He drew him and I brought him to life. Duke Fudgems is looking a little rough these days. Maybe he should make an appointment to see Dr. Helsing...

Duke Fudgems... It is sooo good!


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