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In this episode of the show, Claire and I shout "armadillo" a lot! Why? Because that's the safe word used in The Mary Shelley Club or, if you're in the UK, The Last Girl, by Goldy Moldavsky.

Guys, this book is so full of horror movies and I LOVE IT. It's about a secret club where the members watch horror movies and play horror-based pranks on people. It's GREAT. There are at least 52 different horror movies mentioned by name, I know because I counted them, plus several other non horror movies. As we were recording the episode, we mentioned at least 33 different horror movies by name, I know because, again, I counted. It's really fantastic. PLUS! there are two different endings based on which version of the book you read! They're not that different, but still, different! (Also, you can read the summary or listen to the episode to get the reveal you're missing from your version.)

We really enjoyed reading this one and talking about horror movies throughout. We hope you like it, too. Here's a recording image!

Play along with our Horror Movie Bingo if you want! See social media for more!


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