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Are You Divergent?

I mean... probably you are, right? There's no way one can ONLY be brave or truthful or intelligent or kind or selfless in real life. Statistically that can't be true. According to this book I read...


Am I being too Erudite? That's always the result I get with any faction quiz I take. Like this one! At least it gives the percentages you have of being in each faction... but I was still something like 84% Erudite.

Anyway, listen in to Episode 16 as we talk about Divergent by Veronica Roth. We only discuss the first book and the first movie in this episode, and that's all we'll ever talk about because, come on, the last two books weren't as great as the first one and let's not even mention the movies.

Here's our weekly recording shot. I feel like the world would implode if I didn't post one of these each week. This time, Amber is daydreaming about something and I look... Pensive? Angry? Perplexed? Bored? Tired? I don't know. Probably tired.

Let us know which faction that odd quiz tells you that you're in, okay?

Be brave.


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