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Another Round of Spiteful Baking

In our episode this week, Claire and I discuss A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking by T. Kingfisher. This book is another that fulfills our monthly book club challenge, The Spiteful Baker: Read a book set in a bakery or featuring a baker or about baking or cooking something up. We also became a bear and a raccoon for a little while during our chat because why not. Here's a picture:

This didn't last very long because we kept giggling about it, but it was fun while it lasted. If you join our Patreon Bonus Tier, you can watch us laughing for way too long.

This book was very cute and funny and wholesome, even though it included quite a bit of poop, malicious gingerbread men and magical murder. Mona is a Wizard Baker, who has magical control over dough, baking and all the accoutrements. When other wizards in her town start dying or fleeing, she doesn't think she's a powerful enough wizard to make a difference, but then the killer comes after her, and then helps the Bad Guy try to take over the city. The Duchess has sent the army away and there's no one left in town that can help, so Mona must come to the rescue the only way she knows how... by baking! Be sure to listen to our episode, read the book or check out our summary for all the details!

Until next time! Amanda

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