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An Excellent Discovery

Claire and I discuss Defy or Defend: A Delightfully Deadly Novella in our most recent episode, then have a chat with Gail Carriger! We love Miss Gail! Don't miss the bonus episode this time because it's really great. In it, with the help of Miss Gail, Claire discovers that a book she has on her shelf is a signed copy, which Claire did not realize. It was so amazing to see her reaction. That's our recording picture this week, so I'll go ahead and share it now.

Look how amazed Claire is, how delighted Miss Gail is and how happy I am for my friend to receive such a special gift, even though it's been on her shelves for a while now.

Before we had our conversation with Miss Gail all about wafting on cruise ships, discussing LGBTQ+ representation in all of her books, and of course, making this startling discovery, we talked about the book. In this one, we see what Dimity from Finishing School is up to several years after her time on the dirigible spy school. She goes on missions for the War Office and decides that her next mission will be her last. She is to infiltrate a vampire hive that is going to goth. The hive queen is nowhere to be seen and everything is in shambles and Dimity must fix it. She and her pretend-husband/safety on the mission, Crispin, act as artists seeking to become drones at the hive. While there, Dimity spiffs everything up and realizes just what has happened with the queen. Of course they set everything right and Dimity and Cris realize they were meant to be together. That's not a spoiler because even if you haven't read this yet, you know that Miss Gail writes the best, most delightful stories and that everyone will have a happy ending if they deserve one. Go read the book and listen to our episode for more details.

Be sure to listen to the bonus episode, too. You don't want to miss Claire's excitement. It's pure joy to hear and will surely make you feel happy, too.

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